Saturday, November 5, 2011

Winter Make-up look: Frosty purples and pinks

Hi all,

I've been promising a winter look, and for the first of many I would like to share one I did on my sister-in-law Stephanie for one of our fall shoots.

Winter makeup for me has always meant red lips, but I'm ready to stray from the norm. Coming next will be plum lips and simple face and eyes.

The look I'm describing today really reminds me of 90's makeup a bit, which is probably why I love it so much, haha!

Products you'll need:
Foundation, concealer and powder matching your skin tone
Iridescent eye shadow in white, light purple, and medium purple
liquid or gel eye liner
black mascara
pink blush
very light pink lipstick with iridescent tones
You will need a good eye shadow brush for the application, but cotton balls work fine for powder and blush.
I usually apply lipstick straight from the tube, but you can use a lip brush if you prefer.

Face: As always, start with a freshly cleansed and moisturized face. I also recommend eye cream, as it keeps your under eyes moisturized, helps fight fine lines, and makes concealer easier to put on. Apply concealer to under eye area, as well as eye lids. This preps for the shadows. Apply liquid or powder-to-creme foundation on face while moisturizer is still damp. Watch carefully for lines on the jaw, this means your foundation is the wrong color. After applying foundation, dust face with powder or mineral powder foundation to set. If you have blemishes, carefully cover them with concealer at this point, blending it well.

Brows: Any time you are going for a put together makeup look, you need to pay attention to brows. Fill in the gaps and make sure they look shapely. Don't pluck them to oblivion, thin brows can make you look older. I recommend plucking yourself and not having someone else wax them. If you have trouble with shaping, take a white eye liner pencil (before you are putting makeup on, lol) and draw a line under your brows in the shape you would like them to be. Then pluck along using the white line as a guide. If you are extremely hairy like me, you might need to pluck the top of the brows as well. Just be careful, do this sparingly, and don't lose the natural arch by over plucking.

Eyes: I highly recommend using a tissue, toilet paper or paper towel as a shield for your face. Just hold it under your eyes and over your face as you apply the shadows. This way you don't have a lot of fall out giving you sparkly cheeks. First, apply white iridescent shadow to the brow bone, under the eye brow. Next, apply it to the inner corner of your eyes and lids. The light purple goes on the middle of your eye lids and no higher. The medium purple goes in the outer corner of your lid. It's okay to get a little blendy with this look, but don't blend up into the brow bone at all. You will find the shadows kind of blend themselves, and that's fine. We don't need sharp lines here, like we did with the candy corn eyes.

Next, line your eyes, on top only. Keep the line thin, and a small wing is okay but not a big pinup one (unless that's all you rock). Sometimes it's best to keep it simple when you have a lot of other stuff doing on.

Curl lashes and apply two coats of black mascara on top and bottom lashes. I always have to comb my lashes with a lash comb. If your lashes tangle easily as well, it might be a good investment for you.

Cheeks: A simple sweep of pink blush on the cheekbones and apples of cheeks is all that's needed. Make sure you can see it, but it shouldn't be overpowering either. With blush it's best to build it up, not have to bring it down.

Lips: Apply light pink lipstick straight from the tube onto the lips carefully. You don't need liner, as this is a more mod look.

That's it! Pretty simple. I hope you enjoy this look, let me know in the comments if you have any questions!

List of products I used on Stephanie:
Mary Kay concealer in Beige
Mary Kay medium coverage foundation in Beige 304
Mary Kay mineral powder in Beige 0.5
Mary Kay brow pencil in Brunette
All eye shadows from the Ben Nye Grand Lumiere Palette
Mac gel liner in Black Track
Mary Kay ultimate mascara in black
Mac blush in Pink Swoon
Benefit lipstick in Mod