Monday, April 9, 2012

My "Go-To" Beauty Products!

Hey all,

As we navigate through life trying to be as glamorous as we can, it's easy to encounter hits and misses regarding beauty products. I have been wanting to share my biggest "go-to" products for a while now, so those of you looking for new hair and makeup products here's some ideas as to what works and what's worth the money!

Some of the prices are a little off but close enough to get the idea :)

Once you start building a kit you will need to get organized.
I love this roll-up bag from Mary Kay. Retails at $30.00. So worth it!
*Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation $18.00, brush $10.00

Mineral powder foundation is so wonderful. You can dust it on by itself or on top of liquid. Most days I dust it onto freshly cleansed and moisturized skin for light coverage and oil control. It will absorb my oil during the day, so I don't need to reapply unless I'm going somewhere fancy. You simply apply it with the mineral powder brush it is sold with. Easy peezy lemon squeezy! My go-to foundation for every day. Why walk around with a shiny bland face when you can step it up a notch? Natural beauty is all good, but I like to improve on what God gave me :)

*MAC blush in Buff $16.00

I was recently introduced to this color by one of the counter gals at MAC's Zona location. It gives me just the perfect amount of color to my cheeks. I'm very pale, which I'm learning to love, but this color makes me glow!

*Mary Kay Bronzer in Sandstone $13.00

This bronzer gives a healthy glow and is completely matte, no glitter. It makes a beautiful blush, and looks especially fancy on fair skinned gals! Blondes and brunettes!

*Benefit lipstick in Mod $22.00

This is a fairly expensive lipstick, but it's totally worth it. A very light pink, very 60's, it looks great on gals with pale skin or dark skin. We all love a red lip but sometimes pink is lower maintenance! I highly recommend this color, and the texture of the lipstick is great too.

*Mary Kay lipstick in Really Red $13.00

This is the newest shade of red from Mary Kay and it's amazing. Just a bright wild red that looks great with retro or glam looks. You will be sure to turn heads. Great with pale or olive complections!

*Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara $8.00

I love this mascara so much. The wand is really cool, it lets you get all the tiny lashes in between...just a really great buy all around. I highly recommend it for ladies with the flakey lash problem as it does not seem to flake. My first choice was Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara but I didn't have any in my store so I bought this one at CVS. I really like it a lot!

*Loreal Elnette Hairspray. $13.00

I bought this from Hyvee after reading about it in a beauty magazine. This is the best hairspray I have ever used, hands down. I'm growing out bangs, which is a painful process because they were short, thick, Bettie Paige style bangs, and this hairspray allows me to do any style. Pompadors, curls, parted in the middle, everything! I use it on wet hair, dry hair, whatever. I highly recommend this hairspray to anyone who loves hair styling, whether retro styles or just glam. What a wonderful product, it's my "go-to" hairspray for now!

*Loreal Fructis Sleek and Shine Conditioner $4.00

I know, Loreal again, but I have been using this conditioner for years and it's just magical. I have long straight hair, so any kind of frazzle or friz shows up big time. I love color treating, bleaching, and using straighteners, hot rollers and curling irons. You can imagine how my hair feels! Even when using heat protectant, a good moisturizing conditioner is a must. I apply the conditioner starting near the ears and down to the tips of my length. I try to leave it on for at least 5 minutes so it can really soak in. Then I rinse with cold water, not hot or warm. Sleek and Shine is the perfect conditioner for ladies who can't always afford the expensive salon brands.

*Lottabody Setting Lotion $5.00

If you enjoy pin-curling this setting lotion is perfect. You mix it one part solution two parts water in a squirt bottle, and then squirt each strand before you roll it into a pin curl and pin it with a clip or bobby pin. This solution helps your hair hold any wet set, and it brushes out perfectly. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to do vintage styles, or just curls that hold well. The only place I've seen it is Sally Beauty Supply. **Wet sets are perfect for girls with stick straight hair that won't hold curl. While heated curls cool and fall down, your hair will dry into the shape with a wet set and hold the curl much longer.**

Skin care:
Most of you know I love Mary Kay for skin care. I've been using the Miracle Set for two years now, and my skin has never looked better. I use the one for combination to oily skin, but there is also one for dry to normal skin ladies.

** Before you die seeing the prices, remember these bottles last from three to four months. Divide that up and you could very well be spending that much on drugstore brands!**

*TimeWise 3 in 1 cleanser $18.00

Little beads in a clear gel. Cleanses and makes the skin feel so soft. I never want to live without it. If I have on liquid foundation, I will also use a clean washcloth to make sure and remove all the makeup.

*TimeWise Day Solution $30.00

This is my sunscreen, it is SPF 30. You apply it after cleansing every morning or before you leave the house. Makes my skin soft and prevents further sun damage. Also prevents free radicals from creeping in my skin. Again, I never want to go without this, so I always keep plenty in my store. It's a best seller and recommended by the American Cancer Society.

*TimeWise Night Solution $30.00

I apply this at night, after cleansing, to help anti-age and replenish my skin. Makes it silky smooth! I need all the help I can get since I was a cigarette smoker for 14 years and I also tanned quite a bit. I feel good about where my skin is at right now, and I know the night solution has really helped.

*TimeWise Moisturizer $22.00

This is the perfect light, oil-free moisturizer for my skin. I know so many people who use it, basically every woman in my family and my husband's. It just doesn't get any better.

*Mary Kay Blemish Toner $13.00

I'm that grown up who still gets zits...or I did before I used this! It goes on after cleansing and before Day or Night Solution.

I know many ladies balk at paying higher prices for skin care. I totally understand, I'm not rich either! Just remember this. Your face will always be with you. You might pay $100.00 for a handbag or nice pair of shoes, but you won't be wearing the shoes or carrying the handbag every day. Your face is always showing, no matter what clothing you have on.

Even if a lady is wearing a $3,000.00 outfit, if her skin looks awful you will not notice the clothing.

I'm not saying you have to use Mary Kay, but make sure and take good care of your skin :) You will thank me later!

As a sign of good faith here is my skin completely un-retouched.
I am wearing foundation, but you know that doesn't fix problem skin.
Not bad for a 29, two weeks to 30-year-old woman!
All thanks to Mary Kay products :)
Oh, and makeup! hahahahahaha!!!
I hope you enjoyed this blog post on my "go-to" beauty products. For any questions on this post, or my photo studio, please comment below or send me an email at
Love you all! 

xoxo Tiffany