Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My first pin-curl set, trips to Brass Armadillo, River Market Antiques, and Sally Beauty Supply!

Hi all,

This week is flying by but I have to say we've made some serious progress towards being ready for Greaserama!

First of all, I went make-up-less today. It was a little weird, because I haven't gone in public with nothing on for a while, but I really felt like my skin needed a tiny break. It's like when you wear contacts, every once in a while you feel like breaking out the glasses and giving your eyes a break.

Last month I signed up for the Sally Beauty Supply card. It only costs you $5 to sign up, and you immediately get a coupon for $5 off. So it's like it was free. Since I frequently shop there ( I don't spend a ton) I get emailed a lot of coupons. The one I used today was spend $15 and get a free Ion or GVB conditioner. It was a pretty sweet deal. I spent $18 and got rice paper oil-blotting papers ($3.99) A Denman styling brush ($9.99) and some metal double prong clips to use for my pin-curls. It took almost half the box of 100 to pin curl my hair!

Dutchess is chilling with my bounty from Sally Beauty Supply. I go to the one on Cheateau Trafficway, near Target.

Pin Curling:

I watched a tutorial from Lisa Freemont Street on Youtube a few months ago on how to pin curl. Basically, you spray hair with setting lotion (I used Lottabody) and then roll it up using two fingers. It's kind of like making a victory roll, but tiny. For those of you not familiar with victory rolls, this is what they look like.

Check out the two rolls in the front. They are a lot like pin curls in this hairstyle. (Which I made up on the spot, lol) We were just having fun.

It took me about half an hour to pin curl my entire head. My hair is very long, and I'm currently growing out layers, so this make it kind of a pain. I'm going to sleep on the pin-curl set, so we will see how it goes with these metal clips. My biggest problem with sleeping on set hair is I work out in the morning. I sweat a lot, so it would make the pin-curls soaking wet, and I don't have a sit-under hair dryer. Sigh. I have so much running around to do tomorrow, I guess missing one work out will be okay :)

The styling brush I purchased is used to brush out your pin curls, and shape them into a more retro style. Curley cue curls aren't necessarily retro, but they are cute and we all love them. I will see how I feel about brushing the curls out. When someone with hair as straight as mine gets some curls, the last thing we usually want to do is brush them out, lol!

These are the pin curls. A little haphazard, but retro ladies usually didn't have this long of hair!  

One of my biggest reasons for wanting to do pin-curl sets, besides the fact that's how they did it during retro times, is there is no heat styling or teasing involved. Now that I'm growing out my hair, I've noticed how damaged it's getting, even when I use heat protection. I'm excited to see the results, and I will definitely post pics tomorrow.

Another view of the pin-curls. 

The lovely, late Marilyn Monroe pin-curling her hair.

What pin-curls look like when they have been brushed out and shaped. Mine probably won't look anything like this,  but here's hoping! :)

Last night Chris and I drove the long distance to Blue Springs to visit the Brass Armadillo. This place is like the king of antique shops. It's so huge the aisles are named after streets, and they give you a big map and a pencil so you can mark down when and where you see something. Chris didn't find a cooler, but we found an awesome yellow kitchen cart for the studio. I am very pleased. I can't wait to take the retro Kitchen Aid down there. These are going to make great props for my friend and neighbor's shoot on Tuesday. It's nice to be able to do something new and fresh for each client. I really feel like I owe it to them.

I also visited Party City, since they were having a sale on costumes. I managed to find a sailor outfit for $15. It's size extra small and cute as a button! I bought it with my friend Jenny in mind. She's been wanting to do a sailor thing, and she just happens to be extra small, hehe! I also got a sexy retro chef outfit. It's more of a one size fits all, and I'm hoping someone will choose to wear it soon :)

At River Market Antiques we finally found Chris a cooler. I'm sorry I don't have a pic yet, but we got it for the sweet price of $45. I'm really glad we didn't settle on some of the others we saw. They weren't as nice, yet were twice or three times the price.

I still haven't found anything new to wear. I think I'll just wear jeans rolled into capris and a tank top. Maybe a flower in my hair and definitely some Vans. I might not be the cutest one there, but there is always next year. The way I see it, looking cute is kind of like being tough. No matter how tough you are, there will always be someone out there who can kick your ass. No matter how cute you look, there will always be someone who looks cuter.

The best thing I guess is just to be comfortable physically and comfortable with yourself mentally. It's not very easy, and I work on it everyday.

After being really ill for two weeks earlier this month, I promised myself that when I got better I would stop being so hard on myself over my looks and my weight. As long as my body is operating the way it's supposed to, and I'm not in pain, I'm going to give myself a damn break. I eat relatively healthy, and I work out, yet I'm still thick. Obviously, it's just the way my body is, lol. But damn it's a bitch to find vintage clothes if you are over a size 10.

Luv ya, and goodnight.

If I can get waves like this, I'll be happy!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to get ready for a Vintage Vamp shoot, update on website

Hi all,

It looks like rain here in KC, but all in all it's a beautiful morning. The air smells wonderful, and it's not sticky out yet. I hate for summer to end, but I do love fall. I just don't love winter. I strongly dislike being trapped inside!

Anyways, I've had so much interest in the photo studio this week, it's been wonderful. I don't mind typing the same thing over and over, but I figured it might be simpler to explain the shoots on here, that way anyone interested can hop on the blog and read the answers to their questions.

This is from Heather's second VVS shoot. She is practically a pro now! She is wearing a cute little apron shirt bought from an  estate sale in Argentine, KS.  We took these just for fun, but they ended up being some of my favorite.

First of all, every shoot is different. We usually just roll with the punches as they say. Nothing is set in stone. We always have a good time, and it is my priority to make sure you are comfortable the entire time. I don't take skanky pictures. It might sound conceited, but I feel like I can take sexy pics without going to the next level (unless that is what you want). Do I take nude photos? Yes, if that's what you want. Some people don't get sexy at all, they stay with a nice playful demure pin-up. 

I've done shoots with both my sisters, and I certainly didn't want them looking too sexy. 

My sister Summer. These photos are very age appropriate. Not sexy at all, just really cute and sweet.

I love this photo of my sister Stevie. It's really nice, not too sexy, even though she's wearing a swim suit.

Before your shoot we need to get together over email, the phone, or even in person. It's important to me to know what you like, in terms of hair, clothing, and overall feel of the photos. You can email me examples of photos you like, but we can't ever do the exact same thing as another photographer. We need to put our own spin and feel on the pictures.

Some items you need to bring are: 

A push-up bra (or two or three) 

A strapless bra

A thong (preferably beige, black or light pink)

A girdle or Spanx (they don't need to be name brand, they have them at Dollar General) 

A pair of false eyelashes (they have these at CVS for a very fair price)

These are the items you really need. I promise, you don't have to take pictures in your thong, lol. But if you choose to wear some of my knickers or other vintage nighties, I need you to have chonies on under 'em. There is a method to my madness, haha.

Some items you may want to bring:

Shoes (I keep a sample size 9. This is the size designers keep with their clothing, usually big feet can squeeze and little ones can play it off. I'm going to add more shoes to my collection as soon as I find some) Red, black , white and tan high heels are great. Also, Vans and Converse are good. Most gals choose to do the sexy mechanic look because it's so fun. 

Jeans. It's always good to wear your favorite jeans to the shoot. You never know, you may want to wear them with one of my corset tops or a knotted mechanic shirt.

Dresses. Yes, I have some dresses. But nothing fits like something you picked out yourself. Pin-up dresses are such a good investment. They look cute at dances, reunions, dates, barbeques, parties, I could go on forever. If you can't make it to Retro Vixen, which is my first choice, JC Penny's has some retro looking sundresses this summer. You can even go to Gordman's. There are also a dozen great places online such as Pin-Up Girl Clothing and Unique Vintage. They have high prices, but a great selection of dresses, skirts, you name it. If you decide to splurge and order something online for your shoot, make sure it will be shipped in time. Again, you can also check out thrift stores and consignment shops. Boomerang is great, so is Rock Candy boutique. I really recommend getting yourself a nice pin-up dress, but again, it's not a requirement.

Thigh highs, or tights. If you have bigger legs than a skinny 12 year old, you might want to buy plus size thigh highs. I wear 'em, and so have three of my clients including one who is a size 3 and 5"10. I don't know why they make regular thigh highs so damn small, but my theory is it's a conspiracy. Anyways, line up the back and lace at the top are my fave, followed by fish nets.

If you collect vintage clothing, bring whatever underwear, girdles, etc that you've got!

If you have something cute, including accessories, you think might work, bring it! You can put all your stuff in a laundry basket and bring it with ya!

None of these things are required, but taking the extra time to find some items can really make a difference in your shoot. You might even find you enjoy antiquing and going to thrift stores. It can really become an addiction!

The day you show up:

It's okay to wash your hair. But don't deep condition, and make sure it's dry when you get here. We throw in hot rollers the minute you walk in the door, unless you are wanting a straight style. (No one has yet) Don't show up with dirty hair, or a lot of product. I know there is a rumor you need dirty hair to hold curl, but don't worry I have products that can do that! One day dirty is good, if it's not too oily, but again, no product.

Make sure legs and armpits are shaven. Some of us ladies are super busy I know, but this one is pretty important.

Have toenails red, pale pink, or french manicure. Unless you have a really neat pedicure like Allyson did! You don't need to pay for a pedicure though, you can just paint them yourself. Chances are they might not show, depending on the shoes you wear.

Allyson at yesterday's shoot!

Make sure nails are red, pale pink, french manicure or plain. I will paint them red, but they need to be trimmed and filed.

If your eyebrows aren't shaped, I will pluck them a little. I'd rather not though, because plucking is painful and I don't want to hurt you! It's best just to do it at home. And don't wax them! This is just advice from me, but I've heard many horror stories, from people I know, about blood and eyebrows not growing back. Ouch.

Show up make-up free. I've never had someone show up with make-up on, but I know how some ladies don't leave the house without it. I look at your face as a blank canvass. Tabula Rasa.

I'm sorry I don't have an "official" website yet, but I do have this blog and a facebook "like" page. I'm saving money to have my friend and computer genius Tim build me one. I have so many ideas, and I really want it to be fabulous.

Again, I'm booking now, and filling up fast. Email me at to make an appointment.

Luv ya!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Antiquing, Allyson's photo shoot, and working from home

Love love love Allyson as a cutesy mechanic! This photo is unedited, but I just had to share!
Hey all,

I'm taking a quick minute to blog while Allyson's photos load onto my computer. I am so tired, but very pleased with how well the shoot went. I really like what I do, and it's so fun to get to hang out and meet lots of different women. After the shoot me and the family went and ate at Margarita's. Stick a fork in me because I am done,  as in so so full. The food was good, but it's no Los Corrals. I hate how they are closed on Mondays, and so is El Sombrero. Both those restaurants are my first choice for Mexican food.


Chris and I spent yesterday going to antique and thrift stores (the ones open on Sunday) looking for cool clothes for Greaserama and an old cooler. Chris really wants to get into pin-striping, and we think an old metal cooler is a good start. That is, if we can find one. We only have until Thursday, since Friday night is the pre-party, and the car show is Saturday and Sunday from noon-midnight. It looks like we might not get to go swimming again before the pools close. Oh well, at least we went one time. I've noticed when we don't get season passes to Worlds and Oceans of Fun, we don't swim much. Sometimes I really miss our apartment pool, but it's definitely worth it living in a house. The biggest thing for me is privacy, and not as many neighbors. We had some crazy apartment neighbors over the years, lol.

Speaking of living in a house, it's both a blessing and a hardship to work from home. Chris and I were so busy all weekend I didn't get any cleaning done. I was like a mad woman running around cleaning this morning. I'm sure that contributed to how tired I am. I just love our studio though, and I can't wait to add more! I need to shift my focus onto the first Vintage Vamp Studios calender, so we might not add on to the studio for a while. I'm also going to come up with some firm dates for Zombie Pin-Up, which I will be shooting at the old Parkville cemetary. It's going to be fun, but tons of work for moi! lol.

I did the classic pin-up look on Allyson, along with four different hairstyles. Also, I went ahead and put Azure eye shadow on her lid. For these gals with light blue eyes, it really makes them pop.

This is one of my faves from the shoot. It's unedited, and still looks great!
There were so many great photos! I can't wait to edit some and share more. As always, leave a comment if you have a request for a look, or any questions about my photo business. I have openings this week on Wednesday and Thursday, so if anyone is interested email me as soon as possible before they fill up.

Luv Ya!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Doll make-up" look, transition make-up and the Midwest UFO Conference

Hi all,

Yesterday I did the "doll make-up" to myself that I used for both Megan and Heather's recent shoots. Basically, it's a great variation for if you want to change your make-up from the pin-up look in my last post, but don't have time to wash your face and start completely over. Or you can do this look from scratch, using the same steps of the other look but varying the eye shadow and lip steps.

This is me at home right before we left for the conference.
I did myself up because I wanted to look fancy for the UFO conference, and it was great, although I could have gone more casual and will next time. Chris and I learned lots about Roswell, Area 51, Underground Bases and the Pyramids of Giza. All good stuff. The lecturers were very scientific and practical. No kooks that I saw. In fact, it was a great group of people. Not as many who were under that age of 40 though.

This is in the Area 51 lounge. We ended up getting some sweet shirts that read, "Ending UFO Censorship Will Change Everything." Pretty awesome! I have mine on today.

I was a little over-dressed for the event, I wore one of my fancy tropical shirts and a flower in my hair as a nod to fading summer. I'm really sad summer is ending. Sigh. It was fun to have an excuse to dress up and go somewhere. But we were there all day, and it was tiring.

Back to the make-up:

This look all began because I kept thinking about my grandma Helen's old 1940s-50s Barbie dolls. She keeps her stuff nice, and since I was a kid in the 80's I got to play with these awesome vintage dolls before anyone was worried about preserving them as antiques, lol. I will have to ask my half-sisters if they played with them as well. I always loved the way the retro Barbie's eyes look, and I know now that's because they were wearing winged eyeliner! I love winged liner. It looks like Barbie is wearing black cat-eye liner and a smidge of blue eye shadow on the lid only. The rest of the face is just a nice subtle blush and red lips.

I have been searching for the right blue eye shadow for a month or so now. I started with Azure, a beautiful color from Mary Kay. It's pretty new, it came out last year I believe. It's this great light blue with a little bit of gray in it. Just gorgeous. I really like the way it looks with neutral lips. The only thing I don't like is it has a little bit of shimmer. I know some people love shimmer and shine in the eye shadow, and I do too sometimes, but I'm going through a phase where I think matte looks really classy. And it is definitely retro. You don't really see super shiny eye shadows until the 60's. Azure looked amazing on Megan and Heather, who both have light eyes. For me I wanted something a little darker of a blue, but sadly I'm still searching for the perfect color.

Heather is wearing Azure and the doll face look in this photo.

I decided to do neutral lips with the look instead of red because I had so much fun trying to do a Bridgette Bardot look that Lisa Freemont Street has on her Youtube page. I had never in my life lined outside my lip line, because I thought it would look stupid on me. Not at all. If done right lining out side the lip line gives the allusion of really pouty, sexy lips! I'm really hard on myself, as we all are, but I love the way it looks on my clients. I line the lips with neutral lip liner from Mary Kay. It has just enough pink to not be the browny neutral color. Then I fill it in with MAC Cremesheen Glass lipgloss in Deelight or Just Superb. I bought a neutral lipstick from Revlon, it's called Just Enough Buff. It has a more yellow undertone, and looked awful on me. But I think it will look great on someone with a darker skin tone. Since you use pink blush for the classic pin-up look I described in my previous post, you don't need to mess with your cheeks at all. And since you are only wearing light, neutral eye shadow with a brown crease accent, adding the blue to your lid area won't mess up your eye look. It's important to use a light enough shadow though. If the blue is too brilliant, it can throw it off. This happened to me with a matte Revlon shadow I recently purchased. So the next time I applied it, which was actually the day of the conference, I put it on SUPER light. I used my weakest brush for picking up color and barely applied any. I was actually really happy with the way it turned out. Don't be afraid of messing up your winged liner. If you used gel you can touch up any areas that get blotted out by adding shadow, by just applying a tiny amount where it is needed.

For lips. You need to carefully remove your red lipstick with tissue or toilet paper. Paper towels will do, but they can be rough. After you've wiped them off, put some healing lip stuff, like Mary Kay Satin Lips Gloss, or even plain Chapstick or Petroleum Jelly. Let that sit for a few seconds and then wipe them off again. If they are very stained, get a small amount of concealer on your finger and apply it around and on your lips. This creates a nice new base.

Then you line your lips slightly outside the lip line, accentuating your natural lip shape, and fill them in with the gloss, or neutral lipstick of your choice. Just work with what you've got, don't try and make your lip shape like someone else's. Believe me, I've tried. It's best to just stick with what you've got and make the best of it!

That's it. Pretty simple.

But to let you in on a little secret...

I did not wear liquid foundation...just mineral powder. I have to really want to impress somebody to put liquid on, hehe! And I cheated with false lashes by cutting one in half and only sticking them on the ends. This gives a fun cat eye look, and takes less time! 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Pin-up make-up for when it's really hot out...for example, Greaserama...and other tips.

Hey all,

I don't claim to know all there is to know about make-up. It's almost like art, really. The more you put on, the better of a painter you become. I used to wonder why some girls were so glamorous, and why I was so ordinary. Well, it wasn't because they were sooo much better looking. It's because they knew how to work with what they had, and how to accentuate it with make-up and hairstyles.

Say what you want about painted-up ladies, but the fact is they get attention. My Mary Kay director Sally used to always tell us, "Men look at women...who wear make-up." When worn well make-up can make the difference in whether you get passed by or get a second look. For those of you who've run into me on "rough" or "home improvement" days, you know I look crazy, lol. Maybe not fugly, but not exactly Glamazon either.

Last year, at Greaserama, I learned some valuable lessons on hot weather make-up. The event takes place in early September, and I had just started wearing make-up regularly in March. I still didn't wear it everyday, and especially not if I knew I was going somewhere hot. But I wanted to look good at Greaserama so I did the best I could. Oh, how far I've come with pin-up make-up and style since then. I'm so grateful for my Mary Kay skin routine as well. Say what you will about the brand, but it's done wonders for my skin. I advocate taking good care of your skin and wearing sunscreen, no matter what brands you use. You will regret it when you get older if you don't. Just saying.

I've never liked the feel of foundation on my face. No matter how expensive of a brand it is, or how thin or light, to me it always feels like a cakey mask. Sorry, I'm not going to sugar coat things for you. The only way I can stand it is to smear on a lot of extra moisturizer and then a small amount of foundation. But a flawless matte face is a big part of pin-up. It's important to have a good base for the rest of your color.

Anyways, what I'm leading up to is that thick foundation on hot days is kind of a disaster. It will melt off. I don't care who you are, if the sun is beating down, and you are sweating profusely, some of that base is going to melt off.

This is where mineral-powder foundation comes into the picture. I'm in love with the Mary Kay kind. It soaks up oil, and manages to keep your face looking great even when you're all sweaty. All you really need is some oil-blotting papers for touch ups, and maybe some pressed powder for when you finally enter cooler air. Putting pressed powder on oily skin that is still sweating can lead to a gritty look and feel. Not exactly what we're going for, lol. If you really need some coverage, try just putting liquid foundation on red areas and blending well, then applying mineral-powder foundation. It's my best tip for foundation on hot sweaty days. Believe me, I learned all this the hard way. It's whatever works for you. Make sure and stand in front of a window or go outside and check your chin line. The base should blend in. If there's a line it's too dark. Conceal under-eye dark circles and blemishes. I usually use concealer on under-eyes before liquid foundation, and then put it on blemishes before mineral-powder foundation. The mineral foundation does a great job of setting the products.

After foundation, curl your lashes (unless you are one of those lucky gals who has naturally curly lashes) and fill in the gaps of your eyebrows. You can use a brow stencil if you need to. I use a Mary Kay brow pencil in brunette for my brows, but you can also use eye-shadow that matches your brows (no shimmery ones) and fill them in with a slanted brush. Paying attention to your brows makes a big difference to your overall look, and most pin-ups you see have very defined brows.

I highlight under my eyebrows and the inner corner of my eyelids with a white NYX shadow pencil (the color is called "milk"). This helps your eyes pop. Set it with a light white or cream shadow all over the eye area, and then put a flattering brown color on your outer crease and blend. If you need your eyes to look more awake, you can use a white eyeliner pencil (mine is Wet-n-Wild) and trace your waterline and the inner corner of your eyes.

The cat eyeliner is one of the more difficult tasks. I love when people say it's easy, haha. I draw winged liner on everyday that I have the time, just to keep in practice. It's way easier to do a good winged liner on my clients. I always feel like when I do mine it's harder. I choose to use gel eyeliner from MAC, and an eyeliner brush. From what I understand, Maybelline also has gel liner, if you don't want to splurge. Also, you can use liquid liner. But be careful. Sometimes liquid eyeliner runs. It can be really thin, so you want to start small and work your way big. This is just the way I do it, there are tons of tutorials on Youtube if you need a visual. I don't line the bottom of my eyes. I'm not a big believer in it. It can close eyes off, and with my coloring it gives a "goth" look. Nothing against the goth trend, just not what I'm usually going for.

After the winged liner I put mascara on my lower and upper lashes. Then I comb them with an eyelash comb. Clumpy lashes = yikes. I once saw a girl at Park University with the clumpiest eyelashes I had ever seen. But it's not like you can tell a complete stranger that. I kept it to myself. I don't know why some ladies think clumpy lashes look better, but I'm not judging. Again, it's just usually not what we're going for.

I apply blush while the mascara dries. I put a pink color on the apples of my cheeks and then blend upward. Again, that's how I choose to do it, I'm not saying it's the only way. With blush you want to start small and work your way up. I know really rosy cheeks are part of the pin-up look, but it's still possible to look clownish. You want people to focus on the whole face, not one thing in particular.

After blush I put false lashes on. I don't know why so many women are scared of false lashes. They are one of the best inventions of all time. They kick up any look about 5 million notches. If you want natural-looking ones, buy natural-looking ones. If you want dramatic buy dramatic. There are many tutorials on Youtube about how to apply them. Basically, you put glue on them, and stick them as close to your natural upper lashline as possible. I used to put mascara on to blend my natural and fake lashes, but I don't anymore. It can get clumpy. I just take a dry mascara wand and blend them by gently combing. If you don't want to buy a mascara brush, just wash one from an old mascara and let it dry. So much of learning this stuff is just being creative. There will always be someone telling you that you're doing it wrong. Just do what works for you, whatever it is.

By now, your eyes, brows, foundation and cheeks are done. For a classic pin-up look, red lips are mandatory. Line your lips with a red lip liner. Line the outside of them if you want. Think Pam Anderson in the 90's, or Bridgette Bardot in the 60's. I usually only line outside the lip line when I wear neutral colored lipsticks, but if you have small lips go for it with reds. Accentuate the curves of your upper lip bows, and the pouty-ness of your lower lip. I fill in my lips with the same lip liner to make the lipstick last longer. Yes, it feels dry, but beauty is pain. You don't have to if you don't want to. Then fill in with red lipstick. I use Mary Kay in red. That's the color, red, lol. No fancy names. But Merle Norman just released a collection of red lipsticks called "Hussy." Anything called hussy is a must for me, so I'm going to try those soon. You can add some clear or opaque gloss to the middle of your lower lip to help with the dryness and make lips look even pouty-er. Some ladies use red gloss on top of the red lipstick. If you want to, go for it. I've found that putting gloss all over ends up with color bleeding from the lip line. "Bleeding" lip color doesn't really look good no matter how old you are, but if you're over 29 it's a downright disaster. You will see lines you didn't know you have. It's depressing, so just avoid it if you can.

This is just one pin-up look. There are many others. You can experiment with color on the lid, smokier crease colors, and different colors of lipstick and gloss. I chose this look because it's a good place to start. You can start to vary it to make it work for you. Practice makes perfect. All things being said, it's really not a ton of make-up. Apply everything with a light hand. You can always add more.

For goodness sake, don't forget your nails and toenails. You don't need an expensive pedicure and manicure. Red polish on toenails, and plain or red fingernails look nice. Pale pink is also a great color. Just keep them trimmed and clean. If they get chipped, fix 'em. I remember I went to take my senior pictures for high school, and I had all my cute clothes, my make-up and hair done. I went to meet the photographer and he looked at my fingernails and cringed. I had chipped polish on them. Really, what the hell was I thinking?! I never want that to happen to anyone again, lol. If it's an important event, or you just like to always look your best, pay attention to your nails.

Great make-up doesn't take you too far if your hair isn't done. Even long healthy hair can look blah if you just leave it to hang there. I will post another blog soon with some hair ideas. Not all styles require heat styling. I know now that my hair is long again, I have to watch the heat tools. Even with heat protection products and good shampoo and condition, your hair will eventually get damaged.

Lisa Freemont Street has some great tutorials on pin-curls and other "wet sets" on her Youtube and her blog. One of my friends and clients Heather is coming over to get her hair pin-curled the night before Greaserama. It's a good idea to sleep on them, so the curls have time to really take. Some of the best vintage hair styles came from pin-curls. Think Marilyn Monroe.

I hope this was helpful! Please let me know if you have any questions in the comment box :)

I will also take requests if there is a particular make-up look you would like to know how to do. I don't know it all, but I might be able to help.
This is me after a long day at Greaserama last year. You can see my lipstick wearing off because I didn't line the inside with liner, and the red I used faded into a pink color. Also, my face is shiny because I didn't have any oil-blotting papers and instead kept adding pressed powder to fight shine. I didn't use under-eye concealer or any liquid foundation to even skin tone out. Yikes. I also didn't have the winged liner concept down. In fact, I don't have any eye liner on. Oh well, this shows how far you can come in a year's time!

This is one of my clients, Megan. She is wearing the exact look I just explained in this blog. Yes, the photo has been retouched, but not as much as you would think. I brightened it in Adobe Lightroom, but the make-up is all the way I applied it. I didn't use Photoshop to change add more or take any away. I didn't use the program Adobe Photoshop on this photo at all, because she didn't need it!

I don't have any good photos of myself with a classic pin-up/red lip look to post. Hopefully I can take some at Greaserama this year. I don't know if I will have time though, because I will be the one taking pictures!

Getting excited for Greaserama

Hi all,

While readying myself for one of the coolest events in Kansas City, Greaserama, I got to thinking maybe I should start a blog for anyone with a similar interests. Finding the right outfit for the event isn't always easy. I've been so busy, editing photos for clients and working on my house and studio, I forgot to plan ahead.

Greaserama is in one week and I haven't figured out what I am going to wear!

For those of you familiar with Greaserama, you know that while pin-up style is admired and revered at the event, it's not exactly heel and fancy-dress friendly. For one thing, it's hot and dusty. Greaserama takes place at the Boulevard Drive In in Merriam, KS. It's actually right behind where my grandfather's tire business, Zink Tire was located, which is really cool for me.

Anyways, the ground is mainly gravel where the cars park, and grass/mud where the vendor tents are.

The first year I attended we did not bring our car (1967 convertible Cadillac Coup de Ville). I really went just to see my friend Faith Evangeline, who was there with a table for her biz Evil Pawn Jewelry. I had on jeans, a black top and my skull wedges. This is when I learned wedges, and by association heels, are not the best option for the car show/event. I almost twisted my ankle several times from the huge chunks of gravel. This is not thin sifted gravel. We're talking massive chunks. My husband and I loved the event, and we anxiously waited an entire year to go, take our car, be prepared and have an awesome time.

The second year I was more practical. I wore jean capris, my dad's old hvac shirt, red Vans and a white bandanna/ponytail hairstyle. Even with the Vans, I could feel the chunks of gravel through the soles of my shoes. I was still figuring out how to rock vintage style with my personality and body type. I could have looked better, but overall I was pretty pleased. The event was awesome, of course. I bought a great red and white polka dot dress from Monkey Wrench Clothing. They had a changing room, which I really appreciated, and they also make clothing in size large and extra-large. This is a huge relief. I'm not giant, but I'm thick, so it's not always easy to find vintage clothing that fits. I guess there weren't a lot of thick girls back in the day, and if there were a bottomless pit ate up all the clothes before they could make it to thrift stores and vintage shops.

Since then, I have shopped at Retro Vixen, which is right on 39th Street, a trendy and fun area here in KC. The owner carries a lot of Monkey Wrench, and I've added two shirts to my collection. If only I lived a little closer, my work hours tend to interfere with making trips down to the city while the shop is open.

This year it was my goal to step up the cute while still keeping the practical. Maybe some gals will say I'm wrong, that you can wear a nice dress and heels to the event. My thing is, I like to be in the mix at shows like this. I want to be everywhere, all around. Mingling. I don't want to be tripping around. This year I will be taking lots of photographs, both for my photo business and my journalism job. I have to be able to move.

So far I have a full mechanic's outfit, which I'm planning on wearing Sunday. Sunday the show is a lot more mellow. Everyone is tired from Saturday, and most people don't get as showy. On Saturday I really want a knock your socks off look.

I've made a trip to Viva Fashion, a small flea market type place near the old Indian Springs Mall in Kansas City, KS. I really have to thank my sister-in-law Stephanie for introducing me to this place. I got a great deal on some Old English metal belt buckles, as well as the cloth belts they go with. I got a pink bandanna, pink cloth belt and pink Chucks while I was there, as well as some new shades. Chris, my hubs, got some new sunglasses and a pair of shoelaces. All together we spent around $75. Not exactly dirt cheap, but it was all stuff we needed.

On one of my many thrift store trips I'd also aquired some old Levi 501's. They were a little snug when I bought them, but to my delight when I tried them on last night they fit perfectly. Then we had In-A-Tub for dinner. Not the smartest decision I've made, haha. I'm going to eat healthy and work out this week, so hopefully they will fit great on the big day.