Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My first pin-curl set, trips to Brass Armadillo, River Market Antiques, and Sally Beauty Supply!

Hi all,

This week is flying by but I have to say we've made some serious progress towards being ready for Greaserama!

First of all, I went make-up-less today. It was a little weird, because I haven't gone in public with nothing on for a while, but I really felt like my skin needed a tiny break. It's like when you wear contacts, every once in a while you feel like breaking out the glasses and giving your eyes a break.

Last month I signed up for the Sally Beauty Supply card. It only costs you $5 to sign up, and you immediately get a coupon for $5 off. So it's like it was free. Since I frequently shop there ( I don't spend a ton) I get emailed a lot of coupons. The one I used today was spend $15 and get a free Ion or GVB conditioner. It was a pretty sweet deal. I spent $18 and got rice paper oil-blotting papers ($3.99) A Denman styling brush ($9.99) and some metal double prong clips to use for my pin-curls. It took almost half the box of 100 to pin curl my hair!

Dutchess is chilling with my bounty from Sally Beauty Supply. I go to the one on Cheateau Trafficway, near Target.

Pin Curling:

I watched a tutorial from Lisa Freemont Street on Youtube a few months ago on how to pin curl. Basically, you spray hair with setting lotion (I used Lottabody) and then roll it up using two fingers. It's kind of like making a victory roll, but tiny. For those of you not familiar with victory rolls, this is what they look like.

Check out the two rolls in the front. They are a lot like pin curls in this hairstyle. (Which I made up on the spot, lol) We were just having fun.

It took me about half an hour to pin curl my entire head. My hair is very long, and I'm currently growing out layers, so this make it kind of a pain. I'm going to sleep on the pin-curl set, so we will see how it goes with these metal clips. My biggest problem with sleeping on set hair is I work out in the morning. I sweat a lot, so it would make the pin-curls soaking wet, and I don't have a sit-under hair dryer. Sigh. I have so much running around to do tomorrow, I guess missing one work out will be okay :)

The styling brush I purchased is used to brush out your pin curls, and shape them into a more retro style. Curley cue curls aren't necessarily retro, but they are cute and we all love them. I will see how I feel about brushing the curls out. When someone with hair as straight as mine gets some curls, the last thing we usually want to do is brush them out, lol!

These are the pin curls. A little haphazard, but retro ladies usually didn't have this long of hair!  

One of my biggest reasons for wanting to do pin-curl sets, besides the fact that's how they did it during retro times, is there is no heat styling or teasing involved. Now that I'm growing out my hair, I've noticed how damaged it's getting, even when I use heat protection. I'm excited to see the results, and I will definitely post pics tomorrow.

Another view of the pin-curls. 

The lovely, late Marilyn Monroe pin-curling her hair.

What pin-curls look like when they have been brushed out and shaped. Mine probably won't look anything like this,  but here's hoping! :)

Last night Chris and I drove the long distance to Blue Springs to visit the Brass Armadillo. This place is like the king of antique shops. It's so huge the aisles are named after streets, and they give you a big map and a pencil so you can mark down when and where you see something. Chris didn't find a cooler, but we found an awesome yellow kitchen cart for the studio. I am very pleased. I can't wait to take the retro Kitchen Aid down there. These are going to make great props for my friend and neighbor's shoot on Tuesday. It's nice to be able to do something new and fresh for each client. I really feel like I owe it to them.

I also visited Party City, since they were having a sale on costumes. I managed to find a sailor outfit for $15. It's size extra small and cute as a button! I bought it with my friend Jenny in mind. She's been wanting to do a sailor thing, and she just happens to be extra small, hehe! I also got a sexy retro chef outfit. It's more of a one size fits all, and I'm hoping someone will choose to wear it soon :)

At River Market Antiques we finally found Chris a cooler. I'm sorry I don't have a pic yet, but we got it for the sweet price of $45. I'm really glad we didn't settle on some of the others we saw. They weren't as nice, yet were twice or three times the price.

I still haven't found anything new to wear. I think I'll just wear jeans rolled into capris and a tank top. Maybe a flower in my hair and definitely some Vans. I might not be the cutest one there, but there is always next year. The way I see it, looking cute is kind of like being tough. No matter how tough you are, there will always be someone out there who can kick your ass. No matter how cute you look, there will always be someone who looks cuter.

The best thing I guess is just to be comfortable physically and comfortable with yourself mentally. It's not very easy, and I work on it everyday.

After being really ill for two weeks earlier this month, I promised myself that when I got better I would stop being so hard on myself over my looks and my weight. As long as my body is operating the way it's supposed to, and I'm not in pain, I'm going to give myself a damn break. I eat relatively healthy, and I work out, yet I'm still thick. Obviously, it's just the way my body is, lol. But damn it's a bitch to find vintage clothes if you are over a size 10.

Luv ya, and goodnight.

If I can get waves like this, I'll be happy!

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