Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to get ready for a Vintage Vamp shoot, update on website

Hi all,

It looks like rain here in KC, but all in all it's a beautiful morning. The air smells wonderful, and it's not sticky out yet. I hate for summer to end, but I do love fall. I just don't love winter. I strongly dislike being trapped inside!

Anyways, I've had so much interest in the photo studio this week, it's been wonderful. I don't mind typing the same thing over and over, but I figured it might be simpler to explain the shoots on here, that way anyone interested can hop on the blog and read the answers to their questions.

This is from Heather's second VVS shoot. She is practically a pro now! She is wearing a cute little apron shirt bought from an  estate sale in Argentine, KS.  We took these just for fun, but they ended up being some of my favorite.

First of all, every shoot is different. We usually just roll with the punches as they say. Nothing is set in stone. We always have a good time, and it is my priority to make sure you are comfortable the entire time. I don't take skanky pictures. It might sound conceited, but I feel like I can take sexy pics without going to the next level (unless that is what you want). Do I take nude photos? Yes, if that's what you want. Some people don't get sexy at all, they stay with a nice playful demure pin-up. 

I've done shoots with both my sisters, and I certainly didn't want them looking too sexy. 

My sister Summer. These photos are very age appropriate. Not sexy at all, just really cute and sweet.

I love this photo of my sister Stevie. It's really nice, not too sexy, even though she's wearing a swim suit.

Before your shoot we need to get together over email, the phone, or even in person. It's important to me to know what you like, in terms of hair, clothing, and overall feel of the photos. You can email me examples of photos you like, but we can't ever do the exact same thing as another photographer. We need to put our own spin and feel on the pictures.

Some items you need to bring are: 

A push-up bra (or two or three) 

A strapless bra

A thong (preferably beige, black or light pink)

A girdle or Spanx (they don't need to be name brand, they have them at Dollar General) 

A pair of false eyelashes (they have these at CVS for a very fair price)

These are the items you really need. I promise, you don't have to take pictures in your thong, lol. But if you choose to wear some of my knickers or other vintage nighties, I need you to have chonies on under 'em. There is a method to my madness, haha.

Some items you may want to bring:

Shoes (I keep a sample size 9. This is the size designers keep with their clothing, usually big feet can squeeze and little ones can play it off. I'm going to add more shoes to my collection as soon as I find some) Red, black , white and tan high heels are great. Also, Vans and Converse are good. Most gals choose to do the sexy mechanic look because it's so fun. 

Jeans. It's always good to wear your favorite jeans to the shoot. You never know, you may want to wear them with one of my corset tops or a knotted mechanic shirt.

Dresses. Yes, I have some dresses. But nothing fits like something you picked out yourself. Pin-up dresses are such a good investment. They look cute at dances, reunions, dates, barbeques, parties, I could go on forever. If you can't make it to Retro Vixen, which is my first choice, JC Penny's has some retro looking sundresses this summer. You can even go to Gordman's. There are also a dozen great places online such as Pin-Up Girl Clothing and Unique Vintage. They have high prices, but a great selection of dresses, skirts, you name it. If you decide to splurge and order something online for your shoot, make sure it will be shipped in time. Again, you can also check out thrift stores and consignment shops. Boomerang is great, so is Rock Candy boutique. I really recommend getting yourself a nice pin-up dress, but again, it's not a requirement.

Thigh highs, or tights. If you have bigger legs than a skinny 12 year old, you might want to buy plus size thigh highs. I wear 'em, and so have three of my clients including one who is a size 3 and 5"10. I don't know why they make regular thigh highs so damn small, but my theory is it's a conspiracy. Anyways, line up the back and lace at the top are my fave, followed by fish nets.

If you collect vintage clothing, bring whatever underwear, girdles, etc that you've got!

If you have something cute, including accessories, you think might work, bring it! You can put all your stuff in a laundry basket and bring it with ya!

None of these things are required, but taking the extra time to find some items can really make a difference in your shoot. You might even find you enjoy antiquing and going to thrift stores. It can really become an addiction!

The day you show up:

It's okay to wash your hair. But don't deep condition, and make sure it's dry when you get here. We throw in hot rollers the minute you walk in the door, unless you are wanting a straight style. (No one has yet) Don't show up with dirty hair, or a lot of product. I know there is a rumor you need dirty hair to hold curl, but don't worry I have products that can do that! One day dirty is good, if it's not too oily, but again, no product.

Make sure legs and armpits are shaven. Some of us ladies are super busy I know, but this one is pretty important.

Have toenails red, pale pink, or french manicure. Unless you have a really neat pedicure like Allyson did! You don't need to pay for a pedicure though, you can just paint them yourself. Chances are they might not show, depending on the shoes you wear.

Allyson at yesterday's shoot!

Make sure nails are red, pale pink, french manicure or plain. I will paint them red, but they need to be trimmed and filed.

If your eyebrows aren't shaped, I will pluck them a little. I'd rather not though, because plucking is painful and I don't want to hurt you! It's best just to do it at home. And don't wax them! This is just advice from me, but I've heard many horror stories, from people I know, about blood and eyebrows not growing back. Ouch.

Show up make-up free. I've never had someone show up with make-up on, but I know how some ladies don't leave the house without it. I look at your face as a blank canvass. Tabula Rasa.

I'm sorry I don't have an "official" website yet, but I do have this blog and a facebook "like" page. I'm saving money to have my friend and computer genius Tim build me one. I have so many ideas, and I really want it to be fabulous.

Again, I'm booking now, and filling up fast. Email me at tiffanyaprilmiller@gmail.com to make an appointment.

Luv ya!

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