Friday, August 26, 2011

Getting excited for Greaserama

Hi all,

While readying myself for one of the coolest events in Kansas City, Greaserama, I got to thinking maybe I should start a blog for anyone with a similar interests. Finding the right outfit for the event isn't always easy. I've been so busy, editing photos for clients and working on my house and studio, I forgot to plan ahead.

Greaserama is in one week and I haven't figured out what I am going to wear!

For those of you familiar with Greaserama, you know that while pin-up style is admired and revered at the event, it's not exactly heel and fancy-dress friendly. For one thing, it's hot and dusty. Greaserama takes place at the Boulevard Drive In in Merriam, KS. It's actually right behind where my grandfather's tire business, Zink Tire was located, which is really cool for me.

Anyways, the ground is mainly gravel where the cars park, and grass/mud where the vendor tents are.

The first year I attended we did not bring our car (1967 convertible Cadillac Coup de Ville). I really went just to see my friend Faith Evangeline, who was there with a table for her biz Evil Pawn Jewelry. I had on jeans, a black top and my skull wedges. This is when I learned wedges, and by association heels, are not the best option for the car show/event. I almost twisted my ankle several times from the huge chunks of gravel. This is not thin sifted gravel. We're talking massive chunks. My husband and I loved the event, and we anxiously waited an entire year to go, take our car, be prepared and have an awesome time.

The second year I was more practical. I wore jean capris, my dad's old hvac shirt, red Vans and a white bandanna/ponytail hairstyle. Even with the Vans, I could feel the chunks of gravel through the soles of my shoes. I was still figuring out how to rock vintage style with my personality and body type. I could have looked better, but overall I was pretty pleased. The event was awesome, of course. I bought a great red and white polka dot dress from Monkey Wrench Clothing. They had a changing room, which I really appreciated, and they also make clothing in size large and extra-large. This is a huge relief. I'm not giant, but I'm thick, so it's not always easy to find vintage clothing that fits. I guess there weren't a lot of thick girls back in the day, and if there were a bottomless pit ate up all the clothes before they could make it to thrift stores and vintage shops.

Since then, I have shopped at Retro Vixen, which is right on 39th Street, a trendy and fun area here in KC. The owner carries a lot of Monkey Wrench, and I've added two shirts to my collection. If only I lived a little closer, my work hours tend to interfere with making trips down to the city while the shop is open.

This year it was my goal to step up the cute while still keeping the practical. Maybe some gals will say I'm wrong, that you can wear a nice dress and heels to the event. My thing is, I like to be in the mix at shows like this. I want to be everywhere, all around. Mingling. I don't want to be tripping around. This year I will be taking lots of photographs, both for my photo business and my journalism job. I have to be able to move.

So far I have a full mechanic's outfit, which I'm planning on wearing Sunday. Sunday the show is a lot more mellow. Everyone is tired from Saturday, and most people don't get as showy. On Saturday I really want a knock your socks off look.

I've made a trip to Viva Fashion, a small flea market type place near the old Indian Springs Mall in Kansas City, KS. I really have to thank my sister-in-law Stephanie for introducing me to this place. I got a great deal on some Old English metal belt buckles, as well as the cloth belts they go with. I got a pink bandanna, pink cloth belt and pink Chucks while I was there, as well as some new shades. Chris, my hubs, got some new sunglasses and a pair of shoelaces. All together we spent around $75. Not exactly dirt cheap, but it was all stuff we needed.

On one of my many thrift store trips I'd also aquired some old Levi 501's. They were a little snug when I bought them, but to my delight when I tried them on last night they fit perfectly. Then we had In-A-Tub for dinner. Not the smartest decision I've made, haha. I'm going to eat healthy and work out this week, so hopefully they will fit great on the big day.

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