Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Doll make-up" look, transition make-up and the Midwest UFO Conference

Hi all,

Yesterday I did the "doll make-up" to myself that I used for both Megan and Heather's recent shoots. Basically, it's a great variation for if you want to change your make-up from the pin-up look in my last post, but don't have time to wash your face and start completely over. Or you can do this look from scratch, using the same steps of the other look but varying the eye shadow and lip steps.

This is me at home right before we left for the conference.
I did myself up because I wanted to look fancy for the UFO conference, and it was great, although I could have gone more casual and will next time. Chris and I learned lots about Roswell, Area 51, Underground Bases and the Pyramids of Giza. All good stuff. The lecturers were very scientific and practical. No kooks that I saw. In fact, it was a great group of people. Not as many who were under that age of 40 though.

This is in the Area 51 lounge. We ended up getting some sweet shirts that read, "Ending UFO Censorship Will Change Everything." Pretty awesome! I have mine on today.

I was a little over-dressed for the event, I wore one of my fancy tropical shirts and a flower in my hair as a nod to fading summer. I'm really sad summer is ending. Sigh. It was fun to have an excuse to dress up and go somewhere. But we were there all day, and it was tiring.

Back to the make-up:

This look all began because I kept thinking about my grandma Helen's old 1940s-50s Barbie dolls. She keeps her stuff nice, and since I was a kid in the 80's I got to play with these awesome vintage dolls before anyone was worried about preserving them as antiques, lol. I will have to ask my half-sisters if they played with them as well. I always loved the way the retro Barbie's eyes look, and I know now that's because they were wearing winged eyeliner! I love winged liner. It looks like Barbie is wearing black cat-eye liner and a smidge of blue eye shadow on the lid only. The rest of the face is just a nice subtle blush and red lips.

I have been searching for the right blue eye shadow for a month or so now. I started with Azure, a beautiful color from Mary Kay. It's pretty new, it came out last year I believe. It's this great light blue with a little bit of gray in it. Just gorgeous. I really like the way it looks with neutral lips. The only thing I don't like is it has a little bit of shimmer. I know some people love shimmer and shine in the eye shadow, and I do too sometimes, but I'm going through a phase where I think matte looks really classy. And it is definitely retro. You don't really see super shiny eye shadows until the 60's. Azure looked amazing on Megan and Heather, who both have light eyes. For me I wanted something a little darker of a blue, but sadly I'm still searching for the perfect color.

Heather is wearing Azure and the doll face look in this photo.

I decided to do neutral lips with the look instead of red because I had so much fun trying to do a Bridgette Bardot look that Lisa Freemont Street has on her Youtube page. I had never in my life lined outside my lip line, because I thought it would look stupid on me. Not at all. If done right lining out side the lip line gives the allusion of really pouty, sexy lips! I'm really hard on myself, as we all are, but I love the way it looks on my clients. I line the lips with neutral lip liner from Mary Kay. It has just enough pink to not be the browny neutral color. Then I fill it in with MAC Cremesheen Glass lipgloss in Deelight or Just Superb. I bought a neutral lipstick from Revlon, it's called Just Enough Buff. It has a more yellow undertone, and looked awful on me. But I think it will look great on someone with a darker skin tone. Since you use pink blush for the classic pin-up look I described in my previous post, you don't need to mess with your cheeks at all. And since you are only wearing light, neutral eye shadow with a brown crease accent, adding the blue to your lid area won't mess up your eye look. It's important to use a light enough shadow though. If the blue is too brilliant, it can throw it off. This happened to me with a matte Revlon shadow I recently purchased. So the next time I applied it, which was actually the day of the conference, I put it on SUPER light. I used my weakest brush for picking up color and barely applied any. I was actually really happy with the way it turned out. Don't be afraid of messing up your winged liner. If you used gel you can touch up any areas that get blotted out by adding shadow, by just applying a tiny amount where it is needed.

For lips. You need to carefully remove your red lipstick with tissue or toilet paper. Paper towels will do, but they can be rough. After you've wiped them off, put some healing lip stuff, like Mary Kay Satin Lips Gloss, or even plain Chapstick or Petroleum Jelly. Let that sit for a few seconds and then wipe them off again. If they are very stained, get a small amount of concealer on your finger and apply it around and on your lips. This creates a nice new base.

Then you line your lips slightly outside the lip line, accentuating your natural lip shape, and fill them in with the gloss, or neutral lipstick of your choice. Just work with what you've got, don't try and make your lip shape like someone else's. Believe me, I've tried. It's best to just stick with what you've got and make the best of it!

That's it. Pretty simple.

But to let you in on a little secret...

I did not wear liquid foundation...just mineral powder. I have to really want to impress somebody to put liquid on, hehe! And I cheated with false lashes by cutting one in half and only sticking them on the ends. This gives a fun cat eye look, and takes less time! 

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