Monday, August 29, 2011

Antiquing, Allyson's photo shoot, and working from home

Love love love Allyson as a cutesy mechanic! This photo is unedited, but I just had to share!
Hey all,

I'm taking a quick minute to blog while Allyson's photos load onto my computer. I am so tired, but very pleased with how well the shoot went. I really like what I do, and it's so fun to get to hang out and meet lots of different women. After the shoot me and the family went and ate at Margarita's. Stick a fork in me because I am done,  as in so so full. The food was good, but it's no Los Corrals. I hate how they are closed on Mondays, and so is El Sombrero. Both those restaurants are my first choice for Mexican food.


Chris and I spent yesterday going to antique and thrift stores (the ones open on Sunday) looking for cool clothes for Greaserama and an old cooler. Chris really wants to get into pin-striping, and we think an old metal cooler is a good start. That is, if we can find one. We only have until Thursday, since Friday night is the pre-party, and the car show is Saturday and Sunday from noon-midnight. It looks like we might not get to go swimming again before the pools close. Oh well, at least we went one time. I've noticed when we don't get season passes to Worlds and Oceans of Fun, we don't swim much. Sometimes I really miss our apartment pool, but it's definitely worth it living in a house. The biggest thing for me is privacy, and not as many neighbors. We had some crazy apartment neighbors over the years, lol.

Speaking of living in a house, it's both a blessing and a hardship to work from home. Chris and I were so busy all weekend I didn't get any cleaning done. I was like a mad woman running around cleaning this morning. I'm sure that contributed to how tired I am. I just love our studio though, and I can't wait to add more! I need to shift my focus onto the first Vintage Vamp Studios calender, so we might not add on to the studio for a while. I'm also going to come up with some firm dates for Zombie Pin-Up, which I will be shooting at the old Parkville cemetary. It's going to be fun, but tons of work for moi! lol.

I did the classic pin-up look on Allyson, along with four different hairstyles. Also, I went ahead and put Azure eye shadow on her lid. For these gals with light blue eyes, it really makes them pop.

This is one of my faves from the shoot. It's unedited, and still looks great!
There were so many great photos! I can't wait to edit some and share more. As always, leave a comment if you have a request for a look, or any questions about my photo business. I have openings this week on Wednesday and Thursday, so if anyone is interested email me as soon as possible before they fill up.

Luv Ya!

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