Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summertime goals and best friends shoots

Hi all,

I hope you had an amazing Memorial Day weekend. The holiday is over I'm catching up on some serious photo editing. First on my list are some adorable photos of Heather and Ashley. These gals were so much fun to work with and I think their friendship translated beautifully into the photographs. I hope to do many more BFF shoots in the future!

Pretty girls
I have lots of pretty photos to be posted on Facebook soon, so keep an eye open :)

Moving on...

There is something so special about summertime. After losing some important people to death (it happens to all of us eventually) I've learned to really appreciate the seasons, particularly spring and summer. I take walks around the neighborhood and take the time to smell flowers, watch bugs and animals, deeply breath in the air. I think to myself, "What if this was my last spring?" I try to reflect on the lessons I've learned in my life so far, and count my blessings.

However, this summer I have other goals besides just enjoying the beautiful weather and self reflection. I've been inspired by some of my fellow lady bloggers to make a list of goals I would like to achieve this summer. It's been a fun, albeit a bit daunting, task.

Tiffany's Summertime Life Goals 2012

-Read at least one Hemingway book and write a review, even if I never show anyone

-Finish one of my novels with the support and motivation of a writing group I've joined

-Visit Loose Park for a shoot, or just casual hang out time

-Go to the Foundation and hear some jazz, this one will be tough to do because my hubby doesn't care for the area it's in...

-Take Gabe to Lego Land. Hopefully at age 11 he's not too "cool" to go!

-Walk around the Plaza and browse through the stores Anthropologie and American Apparel. This one is tough because I'm not the biggest Plaza fan so I haven't been there to just walk around in about 10 years...the shops are just sooo damn expensive and there are so many snooty people...However, the point of this list is to get out of my comfort zone!

-Read On The Road

-Don't hate, and lose weight. Hardest one! It's so easy to hate, whether it's yourself or someone else. It's a horrible burden to carry around all the hate, in my opinion it turns to weight and you get fat! I'm always trying to lose weight, so if I need to stop hating to do it so be it!

-Go to the Jones pool all decked out in my retro suit, hair, makeup, glasses and hat

-Attend Hard Hat Happy Hour at the Kansas City Museum

-Take my pups to Penn Valley Dog Park

-Rock Sophie Sassafrass' Pinup Fair on June 15 @ The Arts Asylum

-Visit the free exhibits at Crown Center

-Powell Gardens has fairy houses...I want to see them!

-Swim in a lake, and hopefully do some camping at Watkins Mill

-Attend Italian Fest at Zona both Friday and Saturday to see the singers, especially Frank Cherrito, Frank Vigliaturo and Late Night with Anna Marie

-Go to the Dragon Boat Festival on the Plaza June 9 @Brush Creek

So see that wasn't so hard! I hope to accomplish all these things, but if I don't that's okay. Sometimes I think the point of making these lists is so you know what your goals are. This crazy world makes us busy busy busy and it never hurts to take the time to ask yourself what you want. I would love to visit the beach this summer but it's not really in my price range so I stuck to KC goals. There's always this winter to visit a beach, while everyone else is freezing, hehe.

What are your summer goals?

Are you reading anything new?

Would you like to visit Vintage Vamp Studios and do a photo shoot with your BFF?

If you have any questions or comments just leave them in the comment section.

Love you all!

xoxo Tiffany

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What's the buzz? Tell me what's happenin'!

Hey everyone,

The blog may have been idle...
but the studio has been busy!
Just look at this gorgeous pic of Barbara Ann!

I'm so sorry I have been neglecting this blog! I'm going to brainstorm some neat ideas and fun things to share. I've had a request for how to do easy flowing curls, so that will be up next.

I've noticed my blog has evolved from being somewhere I shared personal feelings to somewhere I share mostly beauty/fashion tips. I'm not sure how I feel about this. My goal was for readers to get substantial information they can use in their own lives, not just the kind you get from reading someone's diary, haha.

However, for those of you who don't mind...

I am so proud of how far Vintage Vamp Studios has come, but it's also really fun to look back at where I started.

Walking in to graduate. Graduation day is such a scary time.
Everything you knew is over. You are no longer a student,
you are an adult. Even for a grown up it's like that final
 push out into the world.

Last May I graduated from Park University with a Bachelor's in Journalism, and then I promptly interned with the City of Kansas City, Mo. for six weeks. During this time I was given the opportunity in my personal life to see how much I love the art of pinup photography, and at work I learned how much I don't love sitting in a cubicle. I need people, I need interaction. I'm so thankful I was required to take photography classes for my degree, and even as I graduated I never dreamed I would be using those skills to create my own dream company, Vintage Vamp Studios.
The pictures of Stephanie started it all!
They were taken for my Photo 2 class,
Spring 2011.
My first paying client, Courtney :)

Sometimes my business doesn't grow as fast as I would like. Until this week I had no help besides the support and vintage shopping/living/decorating/cleaning skills of my loving husband. This Saturday I added my sister Summer to my staff as an apprentice. She will be helping me with a lot of the "work" work so I have more time to focus on the creative aspects of my business.

My new apprentice :)
I'm hoping to have a website within the month, and more exciting news to follow!

I will also (hopefully) have an event coming up in June. The first venue fell through but the lady organizing it is quickly trying to find another. As soon as I get concrete details I will post them on here as well as Facebook!

I really want to thank those of you who subscribe and read this blog. It means a lot to me and I know how bad it sucks when a blog you follow doesn't post for a long time.

I'm going to end this blog post with a few fun photos I've taken over the last year. I hope to take many more this year, and please remember you can contact me for pricing or information at any time on my email

xoxo Tiffany

Hey wait, that's me! I'd show you the rest of it but then I'd have to kill ya, hehe :)