Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Black and White Kitty Kats, staying "motivated" to work out and Summer List Updates

Hey all,

I took some fun photos of my cats over the last week or so. For my cat Po I made a necklace from yard flowers. My mom taught me to make these when I was little, and we would make them for her horses Louie and Carly.

It's fun and easy. Just pluck the flowers as close to the ground as you can. Use the stem to tie the flower to another flower, at the bloom. Keep adding more wildflowers until you have a necklace. Surprisingly, these can last all day! Just watch your pet carefully, some animals have grass allergies.

I've been enjoying my morning by listening to Beatles and fondly remembering my dad. The anniversary of his death was a few days ago, and it's important to me to remember the good times, not bad.

I also took a bunch of car photos, and Chris and Po made it in some of them. Looking through them I am again reminded that I live a blessed or lucky life. I have no complaints!

My dad also had a '66 Impala with shotgun windows. His was red though, and mine is uber dark blue!

This is Sugar. I wuv her so much I can't get anything done
 without stopping to play with her every two seconds!
Now on to staying motivated to work out...this one is so tough! When the sun is shining I usually just want to go for long walks and get my exercise that way. However, I also need toning, as in lunges, lifting weights, doing sit-ups, etc...

I have been staying motivated by wearing shorts. While I by no means "hate" my legs, they are thick. Even after working out nearly a year I still have cellulite and a little chunk. Instead of avoiding wearing shorts I've been wearing them anyways. Looking at the chunk reminds me not to eat a bunch of junk, and how much I still need to work out. 

Looking at the beautiful beach will also help motivate you!
It's like a vacation for your brain and body!
Another way I stay motivated is by having someone yell at me. And that someone is Gilad, from Bodies in Motion. If you have cable I seriously recommend taping or DVRing his show at 5:00am on Discovery Fit and Health. He works every body part within the week (it airs 7 days a week). Anyways, Gilad will challenge you in a positive way to get up and work out with him! Just start at your own pace and pick it up as you can. I personally guarantee you will see results within a month, even if you DON'T eat healthy. If you eat healthy you will probably see results in a few weeks :)

If you're like me you  try and sneak in some more exercise when you can :) I try and take a walk, or do something else physical besides working out every day. I'm fighting years of sitting on my buns and eating and not working out, so I have to try a little harder!

As for my summer list, I have completed a few things!

I went to Italian Fest both Friday and Saturday, and saw a few of my favorite Kansas City singers including Frank Cherrito and Frank Vigliaturo. I missed late night with Anna Marie, but the group we were with was ready to go early on Saturday. Oh well, there's always next year! We had a blast, didn't buy anything but Chris got his Northeast T-Shirt and I got to eat good food and have a few drinks. Not too shabby :)

Just a cell phone pic.
I had my boobs out, haha, I hardly wear cleavage shirts anymore...
My hair is a hot mess with that blonde growing out :)
AND bangs growing out!
I am still working on the rest of my summer goals list, including stopping hating on myself. It's such an unhealthy attitude. I'm grateful for my arms, legs, skin, face, eyes and hair! Regardless of if I always look "pretty," I'm grateful I can live a "normal" life. I feel awful when ladies hate on themselves and their looks. Please ladies, enjoy your bodies! Your body is the only one you will ever get. If you hate your weight join me and do something about it!

Have you all made summer goals lists yet?

How do you stay motivated?

Have you visited my Facebook page lately?

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

My email is always open for questions if you don't want to share in the comments :)


xoxo Tiffany

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