Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Shoots, Pricing, Fun photos of my friend Chris, Volunteering today

Hi all,

Christmas shoots are in full effect! They will go on all the way until the Monday before Christmas. That's my cut off because I want the time to edit them and get them back to you!

For my past customers, just want to let you know I called Shutterfly and they informed me they will print calenders and books that contain nudity. So for those of you who, like me, plan on printing out nude or suggestive photos, they would be the ones to go through! Just remember, if you're planning on giving them to someone for Christmas, you need to order soon. It usually takes a few weeks! Hopefully, it's not already to late :)

I will print out photos for you, for not much more than it costs me :) But just remember if I print them I'd prefer you bought them, lol. That's one thing changing your mind about that can be a big deal, haha. Moving on...


Money is tight this Christmas. When I see people shopping carts look rather empty. I want people to be able to afford these Christmas shoots at Vintage Vamp Studios. As a result, I'm lowering the price from $150.00 to $100.00. Do I think the shoots are worth $150.00? Of course! But I know as women we tend to put everyone before ourselves, and I want you all to be able to afford it. I'm also going to have a cheaper option, as well as a higher-end option, so let's get down to brass tacks as they say.

$100.00 Christmas Shoots
2 outfits
Hair and make-up
100 shots
7 edits

1 outfit
Hair and make-up
75 shots
4 edits

4 outfits
Hair and make-up
200 shots
10 edits

To book a shoot simply email me at !

Also, email me or comment here if you have any questions :)

I did one of these shoots with a longtime friend on Thursday, and I'm just loving all the photos so much! Can't wait to do more!!

I'd better go, I'm volunteering at a battered women's shelter today.

Love you all!!!!!

More winter makeup looks coming soon!!!! As well as no-heat hair styles!

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