Thursday, December 1, 2011

Customized looks: Brown hair and Brown eyed Plum-Berry Princess!

Hi all,

It's time for new winter makeup looks!

With all this commotion of the holidays it's easy to get caught with no make-up on at all! However, I strongly recommend sticking to your beauty, as well as health, regiments as much as you possibly can. This time of year can run people down, and as women (who usually are the biggest shoppers, cooks, and cleaners of a household) it's easy to put on weight or let yourself go during the holidays. Believe me, I learned all of this the hard way!

I thought Skippy would look good with this makeup, since he is a lilac point Siamese, but he wasn't haven't it! Ugh, taking your own picture is hard enough but add in wrangling a big ol' kitty and it's almost impossible!

To keep you all interested and entertained, I'm going to do a serious of blogs for people of different hair and eye colors. I'm very excited about this, and the easiest person to experiment on first was myself! I have dark hair dark eyes and pale skin. I'm lucky in that I can wear almost any makeup look. My biggest buggaboos are orange makeup and smokey eyes.

I have been wanting to do silver eye makeup with plum berry lips for a while now. But as some of you may know, or have figured out the hard way, silver eye makeup can go very, very wrong.

Finally, I found a look that I like. I'm sure it will work for any hair and eye color, so read on if you're interested. It's super easy, and should only take makeup pros about 5-10 minutes. For those of you who wear makeup less often, allow yourself 20-30 minutes.

Okay here I am you can see the makeup still looks decent, so read on to figure out how to do it yourself.

Let's get started!

For this look you will need:

Eye makeup primer
An eyelash curler
Iridescent silver and white eye shadows
matte white eye shadow
Pink or berry blush
Berry lipliner and lipstick
Black eyeliner and mascara

Start with concealing under eye circles. Apply foundation. I only used mineral powder foundation because I hate the feel of liquid. It gives less coverage, however. If you use liquid, you need to set with a powder afterwards. Since I used mineral powder, I just used two coats. Apply eye makeup primer. Curl your lashes. Brush your eye brows and color them in if necessary.

Cheeks: Apply blush now. Start small and dust along cheekbone. Build up to a decent but light amount of color.

Eyes: Apply matte eye shadow all over lid and brow bone as well as under lower lash line. Then take a paper towel or toilet paper and hold under your eye as you apply the shiny shadows. This prevents glitter from getting in your face makeup. Dust eye lid near lash line, as well as lower lash line with white iridescent shadow. Then dust only the the middle of your eye lid with silver shadow. A little bit of white and silver goes a long way, so be careful. Line eyes with liquid or cream eye liner in black. Create a large wing if you desire (I usually do). Put black mascara on upper and lower lashes. Two coats on upper lashes. Use a lash comb if necessary to detangle.

Line and fill in lips with a berry lip liner. Then apply lipstick from tube, or use a lip brush if you prefer. Apply a matching lip gloss if desired.

You're done!

I hope you enjoy the look! Have fun with it! I think it's very wintery, with the frosty eyes and berry lips!
Here is a list of the specific products I used:
Mary Kay concealer in Ivory 2
Mary Kay mineral powder foundation in Ivory 1
Elf eye primer (only cost a dollar! works great)
Mary Kay lash curler
Mary Kay shy blush
Mac matte white eye shadow in Mylar
Iridescent white and silver eye shadow from the Ben Nye Grand Lumiere Palette
Gel Eyeliner from Mac in Black Track
Physicians Formula Organic Mascara in black
Mary Kay lipliner in pink
Mary Kay lipstick in Berry Kiss
Mary Kay lipgloss in...I forgot, the new Berry one :)

Love you all! Until next time!


  1. I would love to be a canvass for brown hair and blue/green eyes!!!

  2. Awesome that would be great! I will text you :)