Friday, October 18, 2013

On wearing makeup everyday...


I've been trying to wear makeup every single day this week. It's kind of an experiment for me, because I hardly ever wear makeup unless I'm going out. However, I run into people EVERYWHERE I go, especially, of course, the grocery store.

The fact is I do care about looking my best all the time, but out of laziness I usually don't wear anything on my face during the week, weekend, or even to church.

Cindy Crawford is pretty much my permanent muse.
I love her makeup here. I don't look like this when I wear
makeup but I look better than I usually do, lol.

So I started this trend of wearing makeup everyday on Monday and now it's Friday. I have to say my lips feel super dry from wearing lipstick for days in a row. I have worn MAC, Mary Kay and Benefit lipsticks and glosses. I am trying to use all my current makeup so I can buy new stuff. I'm probably even going to have a "free for all" of makeup with my family and friends. I have a lot of makeup I have only used once or twice and just didn't really like on me.

Of everything I am enjoying the most from wearing makeup, it's having a healthy glow and not looking pale and washed out. During the summer I don't really need any powder or foundation because I get a healthy glow to my face even with sunscreen; but in the fall and winter I get super pale, and because I am aging I have some darkness under the eyes which give the impression I am tired all the time.

I gave my bronzing primer and sunscreen from Colorscience a second chance and I'm really loving it. The consistency is a hot mess, so I mix it with some of the Mary Kay oil-free Time Wise Moisturizer and it goes on so well. While I wait for it to dry I use my favorite Mabelline under eye concealer, Age Rewind. Then I dust my whole face and eye area lightly with Mary Kay mineral powder in Ivory 1. These are ALL products I'm going to have to replace with new stuff when I run out. It's kind of terrifying because I will need all new skin care and makeup. But we'll cross that bridge in another blog post.

I then dust blush (right now I'm using up Strawberry Cream by Mary Kay and it is so gorge) on my apples of my cheeks and blend up my cheekbones, I highlight the top of my cheekbones with a powder highlight, again I'm using Mary Kay the shimmery pink one I nicknamed Fairy Dust. I have a lot of blush and highlighter to use up before I will need to buy new ones.

I'm usually in a hurry so I just do "garage door" eyes, one color all over the entire eye area. Today I used a shimmery honey color called "Honey Spice" by Mary Kay. Then I curl my lashes and use mascara on top and bottom. Right now I'm using up my Colorscience and Covergirl Lash Blast. I use them both for a wide eye effect. I have to put clear mascara on my eyebrows to keep them in place, and I don't usually color them in because they are pretty bold by themselves.

Since I'm always in a hurry I haven't been using lip liner, just a nude lipstick and gloss on top. I have pretty much come to terms with the fact I only love nude lips. Red lips are so high maintenance and can be so darn aging as well. I still have to rock them with some of my pinup looks, but I usually same them for only special events.

My hair is just a hot mess. I worked so hard to grow it long and now it just hangs there. If I curl or straighten it too much it gets all damaged even with heat protectant. I figured out I like to keep blond highlights in it, I think they brighten up my face and complexion and make me seem warmer overall. I need it, with my pale skin and dark eyes and eyebrows.

So I would love to get some more layers and highlights for fun this winter. Oh, how I hate winter. Another reason I am paying so much attention to fashion, makeup, and clothes is to distract myself from the fact that WINTER IS COMING!

My husband thinks I must have a boyfriend, he is so shocked I have been dressing up a lot. That's pretty sad, I'm going to have to stick with it this time, lol. He knows I can look super good if we are going somewhere, but he's not used to me making this much effort on just ordinary days. But hey, every single day could be a last day for any of us so I guess I better make them all special. I have been wearing my colorful sweaters from Pink (VS) and my new jeans. I need some more colorful clothes because sometimes I feel like everything I own is black or white!

I went through my closet not too long ago but I would like to go through it again and get rid of everything I don't absolutely love. I will do a post on it, because I found a new store I ladore that has stuff I look good, and am comfortable, in.

I have been working out with makeup on which is really weird and feels disgusting honestly. I don't have time to wash it off first so when I'm done working out I RUN to the shower and use my Clarisonic so get all the makeup off. I guess I should invest in some makeup remover wipes to use before I work out because I don't have time to do a full face wash. If anyone knows any that are NOT made by a company that tests on animals please let me know :)

I am also using a natural toothpaste I like quite a bit from a company that doesn't test on baby bunnies. It's awesome. For whitening I use baking soda straight from the box and it's working so well. I'm not smoking any longer but I still drink coffee so I need all the whitening I can get.

So I am trying really hard to get my mojo back. When I was in high school I wore makeup everyday, not a cake face just pretty makeup. I was always dressed as cute as can be and that's probably why I always felt pretty confident about my looks.

I love watching NeNe from "I Dream of NeNe" and "Real Housewives of Atlanta" because she is so confident in herself. In a recent episode of "I Dream" she was looking at her old wedding dress with her man Gregg.

"Oh honey I ain't never gonna fit that dress again," she told him and just tossed it on the floor, laughed and walked off. How hilarious!! She's not crying in the corner, she understood she's different now and she is just as fabulous. That's how I am trying to feel, cause Lord know my wedding dress wouldn't fit I'm sure!



Sorry I haven't taken any selfies this week so here is one Gabe took of me and the kittens.
As you can see my makeup isn't super fancy at all, but I do at least have some color to my face :)

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