Monday, January 16, 2012

Things I learned last week...

Hi all,
Fun pic from Stevie's Vintage Girl shoot. Dutchess just tried to
steal a cupcake. She will bite yo' fingers if they get in the way!

I've taken it upon myself to learn what I can each week and share it on here. No particular topics, just whatever crosses my path. I still carry a reporter's notebook, and I take notes in it whenever something strikes me as cool or important. The same with photos.

From Family Circle Magazine:

3 tips on how to ---Be Happy 
1. Spend 10 minutes before bed writing 3 positive outcomes from the day and why they were successful 
I thought this seemed like a neat idea. Sometimes on the weeks when I don't make much money, or something else happens, I feel like I'm not doing enough with my life. However, there are so many things I do that matter a lot and are needed. I take care of my house and my family. That right there is worth a lot of money if you think about it. Childcare and house cleaning services are not cheap by any means, so if I wasn't there to do it, it would be costing a ton of money to pay someone else.

My list from last night:
Spent time with my mother-in-law--Finally got caught up watching Dexter
Cooked a nice breakfast for my husband--French toast, the only thing I could cook when we got married, lol
Grocery shopped with my mom

2. Drop everything and move around
Here the magazine was talking about how important it is to take small breaks every hour or so, where you stand up and just stretch, or walk into another room and get a glass of water. Taking a small break where you move a little makes you happier I guess. It's worth a try, right?

3. Be a cheerleader
I firmly believe this to be true. If you are happy for others, eventually happiness will come to you. No matter how I feel I always try to put on a brave or happy face for the people in my life. Eventually the happiness becomes real, even if I start off faking.

I also discovered some items I would like to own or do last week, hehe:

-L'oreal Paris Infallible Le Rouge in Refined Ruby $10.00
Every lady needs a new red lipstick now and again

-Netbook Aspire One 722 $299.99 (for Bubba Ho-Tep)
This one got a good review from the magazine

-Kindle Fire $199.99
Everyone is raving about these things!

-Revlon Ciara perfume (used to wear it in high school, love the scent)
Sometimes you just need a whiff of nostalgia

-A vacation at Gulf Shores
Haven't seen the ocean since Clinton was president

That's me on the right in my It's a Beautiful Day tie dye shirt. 


If you want to achieve a task, follow the 20 second rule:

Rule* If you remove 20 seconds off the start up time of a task, you are more likely to follow through. 

For example, put your work out clothes and shoes next to the bed if you want to work out in the morning. Pack your gym bag and have it in the car if you want to work out after work.


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, here's to this week and the success we hopefully all achieve!

Love you all, and look for my Valentine's Month specials coming out later this week. Big discounts if you've already been a Vintage Vamp Studios customer!

We love Valentine's Shoots!
This is from one of my new
"age appropriate" ones :)

Contact me in the comments here or on my email for any questions!

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