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Vision Boards---How to, Why for, and with who?

Hi all,

I've been asked many times by friends and clients what the crazy collages hanging on my walls, sitting in my bookcases and taped to my doors are.

Newest creation! Everything on here represents a dream or idea.

Remember when we were teens and would cut out photos of things we thought were cool and tape them to the walls? Well, I had a room full of magazine clippings back in the 90's.

A little peak into my teenage room. Yes, I'm throwing up Westside :) 

Back in the day I would stare at my walls and get so many ideas of the awesome life I was going to have when I grew up. Then I grew up, and even though I did go to college, buy a house, get married, have a child, and all the other stuff society makes us think we need to do, I kind of stopped dreaming. Yes, I know, so depressing.

Well, vision boarding is your ticket to changing yourself back into a dreamer! I made my first vision board at my friend Faith Evangeline's house. You know, the chic who created Evil Pawn Jewelry?

Faith and I back in 2009! Ignore my duck face pose please :)
Faith held a "Girl Revolution" event at her house where we all learned how to vision board, and the many positive benefits this exercise can do for you. That was my first vision board. I was still in school, so many of my pictures had to do with finishing strong (I graduated with a 4.0) becoming editor (I started as News Editor and was promoted to co-Editor-in Chief) and losing weight (it's weight, it comes and goes lol). Winning. I made this board more than a year ago.

My very first "vision board." Very chaotic, a lot going on, and lots of tiny words.
It worked, but I now prefer to keep it simpler.

My second foray into vision boards was after watching an episode of Jerseylicious (don't judge, haha). This time I involved my husband and we both made boards. One of mine featured the idea of a vintage business (hello Vintage Vamp Studios!) and being more glamorous (hello to taking better care of myself). My husband also had some of his "visions" come true. All around a good experience. We made those boards about six months ago.

I wanted a '67 Impala...but ended up with a '66!
When your dreams come true, they might not always be perfectly what you expected.
Snatch up your opportunities, I know I intend to!
Saturday Chris and I made a new set of vision boards. It's important to always keep dreaming, so don't let me be the only one. I'm going to tell you exactly how to make your own vision boards, and make your own dreams come true.

Chris working hard and taking inventory on one of his newest boards.
This is a great activity to do with your guy or partner!
Making vision boards

Surround yourself with positive people, or do it alone.

You'd be surprised how contagious dreams are.
My husband, who is a very talented man, decided to pursue pin-striping.
His newest vision board is full of his designs. So cool!
This is sort of a given. If you've got a negative ho-hum person next to you, trying to figure out what your dreams are, and finding pictures to cue your subconscious mind and help them come true, is going to be pretty difficult or impossible. I know sometimes in life our friends and family can be pretty down in the dumps negative because of their own circumstances or attitudes. I'm not saying never spend time with them again, but make sure you are feeling positive when making your vision board, you don't want negative thoughts and actions to come true right?

Get your supplies.

-A poster-board, I prefer white or black. I like to cut mine into fourths. I keep two pieces, and I give my husband two pieces.

-Magazines. Not your collectible ones, you are going to get scissor happy. But make sure they have pictures of things that interest you! Printing pics off the internet is another option.



-A marker

Optional---single hole punch and some twine. (this is for hanging them so you don't need to use tape).

Make sure you have a nice open space to work in. I like to do this during the day, when there is plenty of light, but if night is your only option that's okay too!

Get Started!

-Flip through your magazines and look for images that speak to something inside you. Your dreams are there. Your subconscious is there, it's soaking up everything, every detail you ignore. I can't tell you what to dream. Maybe a new hairstyle, a new fitness routine, a side job, a new career, going back to school. Your dreams are there! Cut out the images. Cut them in interesting ways, tracing the lines of a face for example. Put all these clippings in a pile for use later.

----Insider Tip----Try and stay away from words. This is a helpful tip Faith gave me. Your mind is going to glance at this board hopefully 20-25 times a day. This is why it should be in a high frequency zone in your home, or office cubicle. This board is going to make your dreams come true, even when you're not actively looking at it. So don't give your subconscious too much to work with! Images are good, words are bad. You can use some words, for example if you are listing, just don't go overboard. I used too many words on my first vision board, and at times I felt like it was an eyesore.

Now, arrange your clippings on the board in a manner that pleases you. This isn't a homework assignment. You do whatever you want. Pics can hang off the sides, overlap, whatever. This is your masterpiece! When you have it the way you like it, start gluing!

Two of my boards from 6 months ago. Still love them and look at them when in the studio!

-If you desire, punch two holes at the top of the board and lace with twine to make a "hanger."

This vision board is meant to keep me on track while working at my computer desk!
-You're done! This process usually takes me about 2-3 hours. I like to take my time, but for you it might be quicker. Everyone is different.

My last piece of advice on vision boards...


Sorry for the all-caps rant, but there's nothing worse than a Debbie Downer trying to stomp on someone's dreams. You should never feel stupid or dorky for doing something other people don't have the courage to do. This is your life, your home, your space, your dreams. Don't let anyone rain on your parade :) And I'm sorry to say, chances are people will try.

Just remember, explaining your board to another person can be liberating and wonderful...but make sure it's the right person. If you know they won't believe in you, just say you like to keep it private. There's nothing rude about that if you say it nicely. Let them look and think what they mysterious :)

I hope this helped. Some other things you might want to do while vision boarding:

-Listen to music you love

-Drink some hot cocoa or tasty hot tea in winter, or a cold smoothie in summer.

-Burn a scented candle (not on the table you're working on, haha fire hazard!)

-Take pictures as you go along

-Make it a party and share the experience with friends

Have fun! Love you all, and as always we are booking shoots for the studio. Just message me at

Have fun making your own vision boards!
I would love nothing more than pics of your vision boards, so if you make one after reading this and feel like sharing, please email me! :)

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