Thursday, January 26, 2012

Customized looks: Light brown hair and green eyes, casual makeup for everyday wear

Hi all,

Thanks to my friend and neighbor Byra for being my model!

This is my second blog in my customized looks series.

These colors will look great on anyone, but the look is tailored for those lucky ladies with green eyes and blond/light brown hair :)

 I liked the idea of doing a casual look for ladies who want to wear a little makeup to jazz things up but not go overboard. The look I created is perfect for everyday wear when you're at home with the kids, running to the grocery store, or even a dinner date.

Makeup you need to complete this look: 

Mineral Powder Foundation or Pressed Powder to set face makeup
Eye brow pencil matching your brow color or a shade lighter
Matte white eye shadow
Matte medium brown eye shadow
Shimmery medium green eye shadow
Black or Black/Brown mascara
Brown gel eye liner
Peachy-tan blush
Neutral lip liner
Gold lip gloss

Let's get started!
As always start off with clean fresh skin.

Apply foundation and concealer as needed. I usually just apply concealer to under eyes and eye lids. Then, I apply liquid foundation to face (not a lot). Just enough to smooth out skin tone. Next, lightly dust face with mineral foundation or pressed powder to set face makeup.

Color in brows with eye-brow pencil using small strokes. Strong brows are the key to any glam look. If you can't figure out what you're doing wrong, chances are you are pressing too hard. You can use brow powder and a brush, but I find that to be messy. Your choice, just don't neglect those brows!

Next apply the matte white shadow to entire eye area, as well as under lower lash line. This helps wake up your eyes, and make them look brighter. Take the brown shadow and lightly apply it to your crease to create depth. Don't over do it, this is daytime makeup. Lastly, apply the green shadow to lid only, and don't blend into crease. We are trying to subtly draw attention to those gorgeous green eyes of yours! (*Blue eyed ladies, try the same trick with a light blue shimmery shadow. *Brown eyed ladies, try shimmery copper) Using a brush, apply brown gel liner to lash line, don't make a wing. I just don't think wings are flattering with brown eye liner. Leave it to black. Lastly, apply mascara to upper and lower lashes. Use a comb if they become tangled or clumpy.

Apply peachy brown blush to cheek bones and apples of cheeks. Blend well, we are going for a natural glow.

Line lips with neutral lip liner, and color them in with same liner.

Apply gold lip gloss.

You're done!

Don't neglect your hair! To get this pretty style I simply spritzed Byra's hair with leave-in conditioner and twisted it into pin curls. To do this take small sections of hair and twist it into a circle. Start with ends, spritzing with the leave in conditioner first will make it easier to hold. I then fastened the circle of hair with a clip, but bobby pins also work. Her hair sat in the clips while we did her makeup, so only about 15 minutes, and then we took the clips out and fluffed it. Part it on the side, fasten the front with a bobby pin and you're done! No heat styling, but adorable waves and body!

Please feel free to message me or comment here for any questions on this look. If you would like to be a free makeup model, comment below. I am looking for all types of women!

For questions on my photo business, email me at

*To see Byra's beautiful pin-up photos she did with our studio, simply follow this link

Love you all!

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