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'Adele' inspired makeup using Mary Kay products only

Hey all,

The makeup look I've created is great for those
into the vintage style, and those who are into
playing it safe with makeup colors! 

Everyone has been talking about Adele lately. I love her usual look of nude lips with a dramatic eye. Very 60's Streisand (I think). Just gorgeous!

So pretty!
There are some nude and peachy colors in the Mary Kay collection that really stand out, and good nudes are not always easy to find (haha). I also had fun styling the model's hair with no product, only bobby pins and a ponytail holder. She was going out later that night, and didn't want her hair teased or hairsprayed! Still, we came out with a fun hairstyle, and when she took it out her hair still looked great down. So without further ado, here is the look, product list, and photos! :)

My lovely model.

Mary Kay products I used for this 'Adele' inspired look:

Foundation primer *optional*
Cream Concealer Ivory 2
Medium Coverage Foundation Ivory 1
Mineral Powder Foundation Ivory 1

Blonde eye brow pencil
Cream Eye shadow in Pale Blush
Cinnabar Mineral Eye Color
Black eyeliner pencil
Black Ultimate Mascara

Sunny Spice Mineral Cheek Color

Neutral Lip Liner
Melon Sorbet Lip Gloss


Face: Begin with a freshly cleansed and moisturized face. I applied foundation primer. This step is optional, but I recommend it if you have any facial scars or wrinkles. The primer will settle in those crevices in your skin, and prevent the liquid foundation from settling in them. After primer I applied the concealer to under-eye area, and liquid foundation to face. I used a sponge, but fingers work just fine. I then dusted the mineral powder  all over face (helps set the liquid foundation) using a cotton ball. Cotton balls are great for makeup application, especially if you are trying to keep the look minimal.

Eyes: First comes eye brows. They are very important to these retro style looks. I watched a great Youtube tutorial by Pinuplovely87 on applying eye brow makeup. Her suggestion was to comb the brows DOWN, color in the arch, comb them back UP, and then color in gaps. I've found this method to work great with clients and myself. Pinuplovely87 suggests using brow powder, but I prefer a pencil. Just use small strokes and try not to press too hard. Good eye brow shaping is an art and you will get better with every application.

Moving on :)

Apply cream eye color to eye area from lid to brow bone. Use a nice thick coat. When it has dried (a few seconds) apply Cinnabar eye shadow to crease only. Follow the crease of your eye and go slightly above it, while still leaving space under your eye brow. Look at the pictures if you need to for an example of what I'm talking about :) Don't blend too much, we want to keep a little drama in the eye look.

Line upper lid only with a black eye liner pencil staying as close to lash line as possible and filling in any gaps. Go slightly out on the side with cat eye, but not too far. This isn't gel or liquid liner, so we're not doing a huge cat eye (I know Adele does sometimes, but this is a more casual, quick, and easy look).

Apply two thick coats of black mascara to upper lashes, one good coat to lower lashes as well (but no eyeliner down there!)

Cheeks: Apply blush to upper cheekbones. Blend slightly, but keep it dramatic without going overboard. Blush is good to apply a little at a time, but this color is almost impossible to mess up with! I used a cotton ball to apply the model's.

Lips: Line lips with neutral lip liner (fill in lips with pencil for extra long lasting color). Fill in lips with gloss.

That's it! Pretty simple!

You can substitute your brand or what makeup you have for Mary Kay and still accomplish this look. However, I am a big fan of all these colors, and a huge advocate of Mary Kay products! :)

For Summer's hair I simply separated a "bang" section, and took the top part of her hair at the crown and twisted it into a bump. Pin with bobby pins. This is a great way to fake a bump without teasing! :) I pinned the bang section to the side, and then pulled all the hair into a side braid. Very pretty.

After the shoot she kept the makeup but switched hairstyles!
Heck yes to super long hair! So on trend, but I guess it's the trend we should have been thinking
about three years ago haha. #growingtime

Please comment on this look and let me know what you think.

What celebrity look would you like to challenge me to recreate?

What trend are you loving right now?

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