Monday, February 20, 2012

Stevie and Skippy, some of my favorite pin-up photos

Hi all,

As I move forward in the scary but fulfilling world of working for myself, sometimes it's fun to look back on some of the high notes of my short career. One of my favorite photo shoots of all time was with my sister Stevie and my cat Skippy!

Some of you might recognize this photo! It used to be the background of
this very blog!
Something about this shoot just makes me smile. I'm very hard on myself when it comes to my photos, but when I look at these I am reminded of my talent. We should be able to say good things about ourselves without feeling conceited, and yet I don't often praise my own accomplishments. I think these photos are beautiful, retro, and fun!

My cat Skippy is so pretty, but he's a rascal!
I like photos with a lot of movement, not just someone sitting all still and studio posed. However, I know I need to try other styles as well. There are many photographers out there who do the studio look, and I think they are fabulous. I'm practicing a more "cheesecake" pinup photo style, so we'll see where that heads :)

For today, I just wanted to share these fun and pretty photos with all of you. Happy Monday!

"Hey, good lookin', what you got cookin'?"
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What are your favorite Vintage Vamp Studios' photos?

Would you pose as a pin-up girl?

If you've done a shoot with us, tell us in the comments what your favorite photo was, and why.

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xoxo Tiffany

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