Monday, February 27, 2012

Estate Sales can be vintage jackpots, 'Electric Slide' fun, Atomic Photography package

Hey everyone,

What a wonderful weekend in Kansas City, Mo. There was so much to do, and the weather was nice. Of course, I spent my weekend working on the home front and improving things, and not at Fashion Week, le sigh. Oh well, there's always next year!

Chris and I bought our lovely home almost four years ago after I attended an estate sale here. A few of the home owner's belongings were left behind by the estate sale company, including two amazing retro refrigerators, a retro stove, and some slides. You know, those photographs you need a little contraption to look at?

Imagine our luck when last summer we attended another estate sale in the neighborhood and found a slide projector!

This winter at yet another estate sale we found a screen. Now we are in complete "Electric Slide" Heaven!

It was so neat to see photos of our house dating back to the 1960's
and 1970's! The people who lived here had exquisite taste :)
My mom was in art school when I was little, and most of the photos she took of me are in slide form. I'm so excited to devote an evening in the near future to looking at my own childhood pictures!

Another super neat thing was me winning a magazine from Atomic Photography!

I'm a big fan of their work, and it was so cool to get something fun in the mail!

I even got a personal note on some cool stationary!
It was definitely a good weekend, and I hope everyone else can say the same. This week I'm going to be super busy preparing things for my clients on Friday and Saturday.

The business is moving along quite nicely, and as always for questions on our pinup studio, Vintage Vamp Studios, just shoot me an email @ or comment on here.

xoxo Tiffany

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