Sunday, February 26, 2012

Style Confession: I'm stuck in the 90's!

I'm so fascinated with the styles of the 1930's-70's. I can find something I love from every decade! The 80's, yeah not so much, lol. 

My style confession is, no matter what the trends are, and no matter how much vintage shopping and antiquing I do,  I stay a little stuck in the 90's. 

The 90's were my time. I was grunge, preppy, gangsta, and just plain cute. I went through so many trends. However, I think the simplicity of the style at the time stayed with me. Solid colors, clunky heeled shoes, Doc Marten's without zippers, tie dye. In the 90's lots of trends came back like the "mod look" of the 60's, the flared jeans of the 70's, and the big hair of the 80's. 

In the 90's I wanted to have the big gorgeous hair like Cindy Crawford, and I still do!

Um, I still want this hair!
I would rock that makeup all day long.
And the big hoop earrings. 
I wanted big arches--- glam brows.

I loved keeping it simple with pants and shoes and wearing a really cute top with accessories.

It's my goal to do another big closet haul this spring, and I hope to update my wardrobe with more 50's and 60's style clothing, like cigarette pants, sling back kitten heels, pearls, button down casual blouses, and of course lots of dresses!

My usual go-to makeup looks involve a pale
lip, pale eyeshadow and minimal blush.

Another way I want to step up my game is getting used to wearing red lips every day, and not just wear my minimal makeup looks every time I go somewhere out of comfort and laziness!

Does anyone else have any style confessions to make?

What decade are you stuck in?

Do you give your closet and makeup an over haul every season?

I will leave you with a fun tour of my 90's style, haha!

1997: Growing out familiar, haha!
Sure wish I still had this tie-dye from It's a Beautiful Day!

Look at those "jelly" high heels!
My 8th grade dance. 1997.
I would rock this dress now (if it fit, lol)!
Hello 1998. Nice pager!
Wait, didn't you just grow out bangs!

1998: Pagers, dragon nails, lace tops and crosses.
Growing bangs out...again.

What's up year 1999 me?
Nice stomach, don't get used to it, lol!
Loved long hair and showing lots of skin!
Hope you all enjoyed this blog and maybe had a good laugh :)

xoxo Tiffany

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