Saturday, March 3, 2012

Closet Overhaul!

Hey all,

So many lady bloggers I adore address the issue of a poorly organized or too full closet. I assessed my own closet and style, and realized I was one of those people with an overflowing closet and nothing to wear.

I can think of some reasons why my closet was like this:

A: I hate winter clothes.
B: My weight fluctuates so I like to keep a few sizes of everything.
C: I haven't been shopping in ages so everything I have is "old."
D: The pinup studios' side of the closet was a disorganized wreck.

As I discussed in my "Style Confession: I'm Stuck in the 90's" post, I was turning to the safe choices in my closet and wearing way too much of the same thing.

Every time I opened my closet I was unhappy with what I saw, so I needed to make some changes and I did!

Gross! So much stuff piled up in the floor!

Wow, what a project. I'm not going to lie, it took every bit of an entire day.

Now it's organized.
I need a lot of shelves and stuff...
But this is still better than it was!

First I thought to myself what I wanted my style to be more like. I want everything from the 1950's and 60's, from the dresses to the scarves, cigarette pants and girdles. However, I have to make do with some stuff I already have until I can shop again or start sewing.

I knew I wanted lots of color, so I went ahead and packed my winter blah clothes and unpacked my spring wardrobe.

I can't wait to get dressed today!
Still need a couple containers
for belts and scarves.
#messy shelf

I also knew I wanted to get rid of the "black." Sometimes when I go to my closet I feel like everything in there is black. For many years I bought a lot of black clothes. Now, they just make me depressed. Don't get me wrong, I love wearing black, but not every day! I needed some color in my wardrobe stat! I feel like Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice!

So many purses...

Purses organized!

Basically, I took all the clothing items out of the closet and assessed them. If I didn't want to wear them now, they went in a box or the downstairs closet/storage area. In a few weeks I will go through the area and decide what to sell in our annual yard sale. Yard sales are a great way to make extra money so you can buy new or vintage clothes to replace the ones you are purging.

A little taste of the big mess!

Many of the clothes I will save, because when next fall rolls around they will seem new to me when I unpack them. I don't know about all of you, but I certainly can't afford a new wardrobe every season. (Oh how I wish I could!).


Unpacking my pretties was fun!
Trying the shorts on however...
More lunges and squats needed for meh thighs!

The pinup studios' side of the closet was trickier to go through, but I'm so glad I did. When my new client Amy came yesterday, it was so nice to be able to flip through all the clothing choices with her, and to know where everything her size was. No guessing! Eventually I will need some wardrobes, but for now I'm happy with the way it turned out.

Yay, organization!

Next on my project list...organizing my makeup and bathroom!

What issues do you have with your closet?

Do you rotate your clothing depending on the season?

What is your style confession?

Please give me any feedback and let me know what you think of the blog in the comments.

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Love you all,

xoxo Tiffany

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