Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Blonde Ambition, and some history of my strangeness

Hey all,

I am thinking of going blonde!!!!!!!!

Madonna blonde!!! Here she is channeling Jayne Mansfield.
I love the look of pale skin, super dark eyebrows, and white blonde hair! I have been blonde before, and I really loved it. I was so young though, the upkeep was too much and I ended up chopping it all off. I was in 8th grade at Eastgate Middle School. I was the biggest pariah there, so scandalous! Everyone always had something to say about me.

I have always been an odd one. Ask anyone who knows me (if you can). I've been the subject of gossip pretty much since middle school. My style, my hair, I have always been weird. Even when I try to fit in, I just can't! Now that I'm older I've learned to appreciate being a bit of an oddball, but when I think back on being a kid, I know I had some awesome but different influences.

For example,

When I was 9 years old I wanted to grow up and be cone-boob Madonna. It was that or Cindy Crawford. My mom and dad used to cringe because Madonna had the big reputation for being a ho back then,  her Sex book and all that was blowing up the tabloids. I, however, even as a child knew a fierce, strong woman when I saw one. Hell, I still want to grow up to be cone-boob Madonna!

So now you know! hehehe...

More recently I was loving white blonde hair on the dragon girl from Game of Thrones!

Moving on...

If you are reading this blog chances are you are into the vintage style, since it's the subject matter of my writing (most of the time). Well, vintage hair styles and makeup looks so amazing with light blonde hair. If you need further proof, look to all the "bottle blondes" from back in the day!

Everyone knows Marilyn, but do you know Jayne Mansfield?

It's so exciting to think about changing myself so much. I don't have any tattoos, so I'm not used to making giant changes in my appearance that are so permanent. I know you have tattoos forever, and hair can grow out, but it has taken me three years to get long hair again. If I had to cut it and start all over again...well, it would suck to say the least!

I love styling blonde hair because I feel like I can see all the details....hmmmm...

Oh, and let's not forget my newest blonde I love and another sister from the "strange" brig-aid. Coco (and I don't mean Chanel)!

I love Coco, she is so funny and different. She really doesn't give a care what anyone thinks. She's got her big butt and big fake boobs and bleached blonde hair and she goes hard and gives it all she's got. She lets it all hang out most of the time. I think she's very brave and smart. She's just kooky, like me!

I love it that Coco is a good, loving wife.
As someone who's been married 10 years, I know
how hard it can be, so I really respect her.

What do you all think? Do I have what it takes to be a blonde?

xoxo Tiffany


  1. Just as long as you aren't dying your hair dark right now - from experience, trying to peroxide the black dye from your hair turns it orange, not white!

  2. Andi, I know it sucks! The ends of my hair have dark brown permanent dye on them. So basically, the top of my hair would go blonde fairly easily, but the ends will be orange and need more than one bleaching. It's pretty scary, which is why I'm giving the process so much thought. Thanks for commenting! :)