Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Outfit, Makeup and Hair of at the park!

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Read on to learn how I did this look!
The weather has been so lovely in Kansas City, Missouri. Mild, almost hot even! Usually in March we are getting snows that no one wants to deal with and longing for the cold days of April when we'll wear a skirt or shorts and freeze our asses off pretending like it's May. Imagine my delight to have the windows open and be sitting here next to an open door with sweet smelling air pouring in and I'm warm. Wow, it's the little things in life, it really is!

It's spring break for the students of NKCSD and so my son and I have been spending lots of quality time. Yesterday we devoted to parks, and we visited Macken Park and Penguin Park. We also went on a nature walk and I followed while Gabe roller-bladed at the Wheel Park.

I wanted a look that was fun but practical for where we were going and what we were going to be doing.

How to get my look:

One of the victory rolls got smushed by
the bandanna, lol. Oh well!

First, I put hot rollers in while I did my makeup. Always be sure to spray on some thermal heat protectant, especially if you have long hair! I rolled the front sideways, since I have bangs that are growing out. The rest of the rollers I just threw in haphazardly. Basically, I just needed the base curls to make it easy to roll up into pin-curl, victory roll type curls.

After the rollers cooled I removed them. The front I brushed with a styling brush from Sally's and fashioned into a sideways wave. I used tons of Loreal Elnette hairspray, my new favorite hair product. I then rolled two waves behind my bangs into big pin-curls and pinned them with bobby pins, again using hairspray to tame flyaways and get hold. The side pieces I rolled up into victory rolls, pinned, and hairsprayed. I left the back down. I wore a bandanna, rolled up, to prevent sweat from dripping down my back or into my face, since I knew we would be getting a lot of exercise. Use tons of hairspray for this style. The wind was hitting my hair and it didn't move! The long part I just brushed into easy loose waves, which fell straight but with a nice bend at the bottom.

My son is applying sunblock in SPF 30 to his face.
Teach them while they are young!

Start with a freshly cleansed and moisturized face. I use Day Solution from Mary Kay's Time Wise line under my moisturizer. This has SPF 30, to keep skin protected from sun damage. Always wear sunblock every day if you don't want age spots as you get older and wiser. Make sure your neck is included when applying!

I slathered Mary Kay concealer in Ivory 2 carefully on my eye area and blemishes and then dusted Mary Kay Mineral Foundation in Ivory 1 all over my face. On my eyes I applied brow mascara to keep my brows in check but did not color them in. I put a small amount of NYX shadow stick in Milk under my brow to highlight the area. I also applied Mary Kay eye shadow in Hazelnut to the crease only, very lightly. I finished off by drawing a cat wing on eyes using Mary Kay liquid liner in Black, and Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara in Black to lashes.

On cheeks I liberally dusted on MAC blush in Buff for a sun-kissed glow :)


I should have tucked the shirt in!
Bunched up stripes are no flattering...
Oh well!
For my outfit comfort was pretty much number one. I've learned, the hard way believe me, that you need to dress accordingly to what you are doing. For the park, you need sneakers, not flip flops, not heels, and not wedges. I knew it would be hot, so I needed a tank top and shorts. I do not like to show my thighs, so I usually wear shorts that are longer, or capris.

Shirt: French Connection from Sears

Shorts: Tommy Hilfiger from Macys

Scarf: Vintage from an estate sale

Belt and Buckle: Viva Fashion

Earrings: Retro Vixen

Sunglasses: Target

Shoes: Keds from Macys

We had a great day, and I was comfortable and confident with my look, which is about all you can ask for. I did get pointed and laughed at by some 5th grade girls Gabe knows. Ah, to still be getting hated on by 5th grade girls twenty years later, haha.

I'm going to end with some random pics of our fun day. If you have any questions or comments please leave a comment below or send me an email at

Luv you all!

xoxo Tiffany

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