Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall makeup look: candy corn eyes and bold lips

Hey everyone,

I'm so excited to share a fall makeup look perfect for photos, nights out, and even kid's school parties.

Props to pinuplovely87 and redlips67 for being my inspiration! Thank you also to my Facebook friends who requested bold lips for my newest look :)

To do this look I recommend:

Liquid foundation
Mineral foundation or loose powder
Eyebrow pencil or powder matching your brow color
Matte eye shadow in white or light cream
Four iridescent eye shadows in the colors: white, yellow, orange and red
Liquid or gel eye liner in black
Black mascara
Long, thick false eye lashes
Pink powder blush
Red lip liner
Red lipstick
Gold lip gloss

I realize this is quite a few makeup items. When you are just starting out with makeup, don't be afraid to buy one of those mass kits from Ulta Beauty, or Sephora. These kits usually contain various eye shadow colors, blushes, and lip colors. Beauty stores sometimes run specials where the kits are about $20-35.00. This makeup isn't always the best quality vs. Mary Kay or MAC, but it will allow you to do fun looks until you start building your makeup kit up. Cotton balls can be used for applying loose powder or blush, and also for blending. You will need a good eye shadow application brush for this look, but you can find those for a low price at CVS or K-Mart. I love the Eco Tools brand.

Make sure skin is freshly cleansed and moisturized. Apply concealer to under eye area, as well as eye lids. Blend well. Do not over apply, as this will highlight any fine lines around the eyes. Apply liquid foundation sparingly. If you have good skin, a very thin layer is all that's needed. For those with discolored areas, just apply it where it's the most red. After applying liquid foundation, lightly dust skin with mineral foundation or loose powder to set the look.

Fill in any gaps with a pencil or eye shadow. This is important for really showcasing the candy corn eye shadow look.

Apply a matte white shadow to the entire eye area. Put iridescent white shadow on the inner corner of eye. Keep the line strong. Next, apply the yellow eye shadow, directly next to the white, keeping the lines strong. The eyes are meant to be striped like a candy corn, NOT blended. I made this mistake when I did it on myself! Next, apply orange next to the yellow, and then red in the corners. While applying iridescent shadows, I recommend holding a tissue, paper towel, or piece of toilet paper under the eye to cover the face. You will be using a lot of eye shadow to make these colors bold, and it can fall into your foundation ruining the effect if you're not careful. Apply a small amount of the matte white eye shadow to under eye. Later, if desired, apply a small amount of the iridescent white shadow on the under eye as well.

Apply mascara to lower and upper lashes. Comb carefully, don't put too much on. Next apply false eye lashes for a more dramatic effect. If you wanna look like Stephanie in the pictures, you need some falsies! I didn't wear any when I rocked the look, and I really missed 'em! After applying false lashes, trace lash line with eye liner. Do not make a wing. The eye shadow is enough of a statement, you don't need a wing, even if it is for pinup. If you decide on no false lashes, apply the liner and then your mascara.

Pink blush on apples of cheeks. Dust on sparingly, and add more as needed. Just a little rosy cheek, nothing too bold to compete with the eye shadow.

Line lips with red lip liner. For long lasting lip color, fill in the inside with pencil as well. Apply a thin layer of red lipstick. Add gold gloss to the middle of the bottom lip, for a glamorous effect.

That's it! Pretty simple considering the attention you will receive when wearing this look! Don't forget pretty accessories and a put together hair style! :)

Here is a list of the specific products I used on Stephanie:

Mary Kay concealer in Beige
Mary Kay medium coverage foundation in Beige 300
Mary Kay mineral foundation in Beige 0.5
Mary Kay eye brow pencil in Brunette
NYX shadow stick in Milk (I used this as an eye shadow base)
MAC eye shadow in Mylar (my matte white eye shadow)
Ben Nye Grand Lumiere Palette for all iridescent shadows
MAC blush in Pink Swoon
Loreal lip liner in Red
Estee Lauder lipstick in Fig
Mary Kay lip gloss in Gold Rush

As you can see, the look is quite different on me. Stephanie has a very large brow bone, and big eyes. This makes her an ideal candidate for any eye shadow look. It's just gorgeous. I went a little crazy with the red on the corners, giving me a more 80s look. I was okay with it because it reminded me of David Bowie in the 70s, haha, but next time I will remember to keep it light in the corners.

Yay for fall looks!
If you love Stephanie's photos, be aware that I am currently booking these fall shoots. Hair/makeup included! I have accessories and jackets, but for the most part you will provide your own clothing. 200 shots, 15 edited, all for the price of $100.00. Such a steal! These fall shoots will only go on as long as they leaves are still turning and it's not too cold. So get on it, lol!

Love you all! If you have any questions on the look or the studio, comment here or shoot me an email at tiffanyaprilmiller@gmail.com.

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