Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pin-up Fun, Impala doing great, Living without a laptop, Lifestyle changing with the season! Finished filming Demons

Hi all!

I had the honor of being photographed by Miss heavenly~flower of Flickr at the Hot Rod Hullaballo in Lawrence, Ks. Her pictures are so amazing. Seriously, I want her camera, haha!

She really captured us well I think! Not to mention Chris' bitchin' Caddy!

Boy, did I have a great shoot last week. So fun and refreshing. I love meeting new people. My newest client is Dawn, who is just a beautiful person inside and out. She gave me permission to share her gorgeous photos, which is always nice! For those of you who don't know me or haven't done a shoot yet, I don't post anything on the internet without explicit permission. Those are your photos, and you have a right to decide who sees them! :)

Love her hair! I think I might be going red soon, after photographing all these gorgeous red heads!
She is so retro glamour. Seriously, I could pass out I love it so much! Hehe!
Pin-up shoots are my absolute favorite, and so fun! I love the feeling of making someone else feel good about themselves, and having photographic evidence, lol! It's that wonderful feeling you get after leaving a salon and getting a great hair cut, at least that's what I compare it to. Whenever I get down and feel discouraged about my business, I just look at the gorgeous photos of my clients and remember how happy they were. It always helps!

If you live here in KC, I don't need to tell you it's cooled off quite a bit! Autumn pin-up and glam shoots will probably only go to the middle of November for this reason! But don't fret, I will be doing Christmas pin-up starting next month!

I'm working on a new makeup look after the popularity of candy corn eyes and bold lips! Will post soon :)

The Impala is running great, tagged, and being driven! Love it soooo much. It's my baby. Still has ugly wheels, but my baby none-the-less :)

Right after he got washed. Guys have chick cars, but my car is a dude. I think I'll name him Dean, after my favorite character on Supernatural, lol. The show is what made me want an Impala after all!
I was so sad I had to cancel a shoot with my friends Courtney and Chris on Saturday, but I'm also relieved we finally finished filming all my scenes from Demons in the Woods. This movie is going to be epic. Very Evil Dead-esque. Maybe I'll get to tour with Bruce Campbell some day on the horror movie circuit. Hey, a girl can dream, right?!

Getting killed by Deb. I was pretty freaked! 
My laptop is still MIA for now :( But Tim is on it, and if anybody can fix it, I know he can! For a price $$$$ Ugh, who doesn't need more money, right? But money can't buy you love or happiness, or at least that's what I keep telling myself :P

I've been working out and dieting like crazy! I'm ready for a lifestyle change as far as food and exercise, and I think I'm on the right track. Not up there with Mary Elizabeth yet (my sister-in-law, "The Heat") but doing good for a prissy girl like me, lol.

Love you all! Email me if at any time you have a question about the studio, how to book a session, and prices. My email is tiffanyaprilmiller@gmail.com

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