Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to life, back to reality...

Hey all,

Ah, Greaserama is over until next year. That means I need to get back to work, planning more shoots and making new personal goals. One of which is to keep blogging everyday! :) I hope you enjoy all the pics from the show, they are in my facebook albums on my "like" page. They are all taken by me and so far unedited. Just pure undiluted talent, lol. J/K

Today was a day for getting back into routines. Chris and I had an exciting weekend, what with spending Saturday and Sunday at the Boulevard Drive-In for Greaserama. Sunday was so fun, it definitely made up for the rain and discomfort I experienced Saturday. I wandered around meeting random people, taking their photos, and handing out my business cards.

The cards contained my facebook link, www.facebook.com/vintagevampstudios.

Also, some had my blog address, so if some of you readers are people I met at Greaserama, welcome!

Meeting lots of adorable pin-ups was definitely one of the highlights of Greaserama this year!

I think the lesson I learned this year is not to get my hopes up too much, and to be practical. Also, I learned that when its over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, riding on the highway in the Cadillac with the top down (black interior) is not a good idea. I was over-heated when we arrived and had a total panic attack. Luckily, it started to rain and that cooled me off a bit. But I was still grumpy and being a nightmare of a wife. Chris put up with me, thank god we've been married so long. It wasn't the kind of behavior a "boyfriend" would have put up with, lol. 

I almost got caught complaining in somebody's Youtube video around the 6:05 mark...

Moving on...lol....

I really had my hopes up for looking super pin-up on Saturday at Greaserama this year, but most my make-up melted off, or got rained off. Thank goodness for Melissa from Retro Vixen and her kind heart. She let me use her liquid eyeliner when mine got rained off. It wouldn't have been such a big deal if I wasn't wearing false lashes. Yes, I think false lashes have lost their appeal to me, haha, at least for outdoor car show hot-as-hell weather. 

Melissa from Retro Vixen. She is so sweet and really pretty. Thank god for her shop, it's one of the only places I can find pin-up clothing in my size (12/14)

Little old melted me and my husband Chris. I arrived in cute pin-curls, that hairstyle is what I ended up with. Le sigh. This is Saturday of course, lol. Kind of the day from hell a little bit, but fun too...in a camping sort of way I guess (not really lol).

I'm really happy my niece Samantha was able to attend both days. A lot of my family and friends didn't get to go because they couldn't afford the 10 dollar cover, or were just unable to go for other reasons. I missed them all, but I stayed busy. Wearing my vintage firefighter jumpsuit was soo comfortable! I wore a wife-beater under it and belted it at the waist. Ahhh, if only I could be that comfortable everyday, lol.

My niece Sammy and I at home base, aka "the caddy." :) This is Sunday.

I got to see Faith and her Evil Pawn Jewelry crew. I'm so thankful to have met her. Faith is how I found out about Greaserama in the first place a few years ago, lol! I love all the pics I took of her. None of them are edited, but they are so colorful and pretty just the way they are!

EPJ in the house!

I didn't spend much money this year, even though I was packing. I ended up buying supplies for our home base, and food. But that's okay. I did manage to get myself a little pendant and antique chain from Squirrel Design Company. I love it so much! My little hair bows were just from Hot Topic. I also got a bottleneck pendant that says "Hotrod Hellcat" and a pair of skull bobby pins for 10 bucks from a random vendor. Pretty awesome if I say so myself!

I love my new necklace from Squirrel Design Company. Those gals were so sweet at Greaserama. I love their stuff!

The Squirrel Design tent...everything looks pink :)

I hope I'm not missing anything important. I was very happy some of my friends/neighbors got to attend.

If you're not from Kansas City, I highly recommend making the trip to Greaserama next year! It's worth it!

So long Greaserama, see you next year!

P.S. If you ever want to snatch one of my photos, go right ahead. Just make sure and give me photo credit. Mwah!!!

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