Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Zombie, Halloween, Theater Supply Store Haul coming soon! Found the camera cord...

Hey everyone!

What a busy morning I've had so far. No appointments today, but it's ended up being a good thing. I'm going to purchase my special effects make-up after a long research process.

I'm so excited for my zombie shoots, I could burst. If you've already signed up, you will be getting an email soon. If you haven't, what are you waiting for????!!!

I checked out Party City yesterday on my way home from the bank because they had a sale sign. Big surprise, didn't see any sale stuff, lol. But I did get a great pair of vintage-style sunglasses! Pics coming soon! Also saw those cheapie Pink Ladies jackets. I wanna nice one! How cute would it be to have a pink ladies jacket to wear this fall? And I have pink Chuck Taylors. Yessir!

Back to Party City. They are nicely stocked in everything but zombie makeup. That sh*t is already gone! And it's only September 13th! Hopefully they will get more in before Halloween, or else I guess people will have to go to the Halloween store.

Party City has a few great aisles of affordable wigs and accessories for people building their own costumes. I saw a vampire cape I died over, but my budget puts my family and clients first, so I just got to admire it.

They have zombie leggings in all sizes right at the moment. They could be very cute. I don't know if they go with my shoots, however, since my zombies are also pin-ups. They are glamorous, yo! Not creepy or punk rocky. However, I would love to do a sort of Amy Winehouse zombie make-up look. I hope that's not in poor taste. I love her music and I was always a fan of it and her style. Plus, I don't judge people for being addicts. I know how awful it is for addicts and their families from personal experience.

I'm going to the theater supply store in Waldo and I'm soo excited. I will film a haul for Youtube as soon as I get home and show you my loot.

My punkin's birthday is tomorrow. He will be 11! When he gets home today I'm making him a zombie. He's really excited, lol. I will definitely post pics of this also! :)

I found the camera cord to Chris' new camera. I was tangled up with my curling iron wire. Oopsy. Chris was just happy I found it, lol. I'm going through my make-up artist kit today and really streamlining everything. I'm also going through my hair stuff. I'm going to time myself doing the zombie makeup so I can get really quick. I'm also designing diagrams of the different looks and contours for each model's face. I do put a lot of thought into it!

For now I'd better go! I'm finishing photos for a client from last week so I can take them to her.

Love you all lots, and I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

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