Monday, September 19, 2011

Dutchess is a year old, lots to do! Youtube tutorials and missing my dad

Hey all,

I've had my cat Dutchess for a year as of this week. Here she is the day she came home. Such a sweetie. My cats are my babies :) I wuv them so...

I've been super busy getting everything lined up for this week. We just came off two birthday celebrations for my son, and this week and weekend I've got a zombie shoot tomorrow, my 10 year wedding anniversary on Wed, the Plaza Arts fair Sat and a big zombie shoot Sunday. I'm a little stressed, but just a little. It's all going to be super fun. I have to get used to living such a fast paced life! I'm a slow person by nature, I'm a Taurus after all, and sometimes I do feel like a big bull just moving all slow. But bulls can be fast when they are chasing people, and I am chasing a dream after all. Okay, enough corniness.

Moving on...

So I took Gabe to the skating party today. My mom went with me so I would have someone to talk to. I always feel a little awkward at that stuff. I get along with the moms on my block, but I never see them there. Just the uppity moms. I'm sure some of them are cool when you get to know them, but I'm sorry some just act plain old uppity. So, I go to get a pretzel with cheese. As I was carrying it to the table, the cheese spilled onto my hand and it was HOT! I dropped the pretzel. But for some reason I had no filter and totally said, "SHIT!" all loud while it was happening. Right in front of the moms AND their kids. I was like, "sorry," afterwards because I felt bad cussing in front of their kids. They just rolled their eyes and didn't say anything. I mean, really? I'm sure your kid has heard it before. Cut a girl a break. Of course, I think I was mostly upset about losing my pretzel. Pretzels are so good, especially with the cheese. Sigh.

I filmed another Youtube tutorial today. I can't wait to edit and upload it. It's about how to roll your hair on velcro rollers just to achieve body. Also I filmed how I make it into a Day of the Dead type hairstyle. I'm not sure if I will upload that or redo it. We'll see.

I hope everyone had a productive Monday!

Love you all!

I've been missing my dad a lot this month. The last couple years he was alive he came to Gabe's birthday parties. It was so nice to have him around. It makes me so sad that now he's gone, and there is still so much living to do. I wish we'd done a lot more together. That's okay though. When my dad was alive he was always kicking it and having fun. He got to do a lot of cool stuff in his life, like visiting  Jamaica, and spending lots of time abroad. I guess the most we can hope for when we die is that people still think about us and honor our memories. So that's what I always try to do.

P.S. Look at how brown my dad is, hehe! And look at my mom's copper hair! It's weird to see yourself as a baby, but I guess I was pretty cute. 

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