Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Betty Bangs tutorial, Zombie trials, B-day time, Vampire Pin-up

Hey all,

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday! I feel like a heel! Seriously, I was so stressed over my punkin's birthday. We parents take that stuff seriously. All I could think about was getting him everything he wanted. That didn't happen, but I think he liked his bday gifts.

My punkin and I.

Yesterday I filmed a tutorial on how to cut your own Betty Bangs. Just need to edit it and throw it on Youtube and then I'll post the link here and on Facebook.

Follow the link to Youtube!

I also did some filming of Stevie and the process of turning her into a zombie. That will be up by the weekend!

Which brings me to...

I did the zombie look on my sister Stevie. It was awesome! But I learned that tan people need their arms whited out a little, and if their legs are as tan as Stevie's, they better wear hose!

I am going to take an airbrush class very soon, and purchase the equipment. We're talking Playboy bunny stuff! You know how they paint a tux on, or a bunny or kitty. I'm not saying that's what people will want, but I will be able to do it. For now I'm sticking with a cream makeup, but it goes on smoothly, although it does take longer. The paints and products for airbrushing are more expensive, so when I start doing it I will have to figure out how much it costs me and go from there on pricing.

Just thinking ahead, lol!

I'm so excited people want to be vampire pinups too! Tomorrow I am forming my second zombie look (there will be three) and then my third on Friday. As soon as zombie looks are over, I will work on vampire ones. God, I love my job!

For those of you who've signed up for zombie pinup, I am on the lookout for clothing. I'm going thrift shopping tomorrow. I'm hoping to get some one-size-fits all stuff. But my advice is look at your own closet and brainstorm. If you have any Sunday dresses, or old prom dresses, we can make them pinup. Throw some fishnets on and false eyelashes plus my special effects makeup and you will be a zombie pinup, lol!

By the way, if you want a gash or slit throat/wrists, I will need you to bring it. You also need to bring a pair of false eyelashes. Not too Halloweeny, just long and black, the thicker and more glamorous the better. I did some research at Party City and the gash kits are about three to four dollars. I will happily apply it, but you'll have to bring it with ya. But special effects makeup comes with the deal!

So excited to keep on working!

I'm still booking for pretty much everything, so shoot me an email if you are interested!

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