Monday, September 26, 2011

Zombie Group Shoot teasers, Impala time, loving fall

Hey all,

My goodness, what a busy weekend I had! Saturday ,instead of going to the Plaza Art Fair, Chris and I took a road trip to Marshall, Missouri. No comment on the town. I'm a KC girl fo' life. We test drove a car, it was pretty pimp. We're in the process of trying to buy it. Stressful as heck. As soon as we got the money the people stopped answering their darn phones. Ugh. Fingers crossed we will get it.

Gangster wheels will be the first thing to go. Sorry, I like my classic cars with their classic wheels.
Sunday I had a zombie shoot with a great group of friends. It was a total blast!

Here are some teasers. I'm sorry, I am so darn tired I have writer's block! There are a ton of good things I could say about Sunday. The girls were great, everything went smoothly, and everyone looked fab. The pics speak for themselves.

Love this one too!!!

Sooo many good ones!

I'm very excited to do more Halloween shoots, as well as Autumn pinup. But I always love doing just regular ol' glamorous pinup, and I would love to do a shoot soon!

If you are interested in booking any type of shoot, or have questions about pricing, just shoot me an email at

I'm loving this fall weather, and if I could just get this car bought and get done with the stress, I would be even happier, lol.

Love you all!

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