Sunday, September 11, 2011

Missing camera cords and Youtube drama!

Hey all,

I took some exciting photos and videos of the Riverside Red-X Car Cruise Friday night. It was so fun, and I saw the Phantoms of the Opry, a local band, for the first time. They were awesome so I bought their cd. I tried listening to it but I wasn't really in the mood. But I'm glad I have the cd for car shows, parties, and of course photo shoots. The music is fun for when you're in a Rockabilly mood!

Anyways, Chris has a new point and shoot camera. It's a Kodak, and I have to admit I really like it! Sometimes I'm scared to take my good camera to events because I'm afraid it will get wet or dropped or stolen, etc..Sometimes you just want a camera you can stick in your pocket. Unfortunately, we lost the cord already. After one day. I think a troll took it. Seriously, we have a photo studio in our home. Our home IS the studio half the time. Our house is clean and picked up. I honestly have no idea where that darn camera cord is!

Moving on,

I've worked my butt off of Youtube videos this weekend. Honestly, I know they are supposed to be fun, but editing them is tedious, haha.

Youtube has a program to prevent copyright infringement, and it picked up one of the songs and immediately took the video down.

I was a little freaked, but it turns out you just have to email them and appeal and they will turn it back on. By the time I did that it was already playing fine, it just had information on The Sapphires under the video. It must have been their song "Who do you love?" that caused the trigger. Oh well, no harm no foul.

Here is the link to the vid that caused the uproar. It's a tutorial on my "doll make-up" look :)

Making these videos is time consuming. Maybe it's because of all the broadcast journalism training. If everything doesn't flow right, I start freaking out. For my favorites video, I pretty much left everything in. I figured, why not? Those are just for fun, and strictly for people who want your opinion on products.

Link for fave vid one:

Link for fave vid two:

I think you will all really like the Victory Roll tutorial, at least I hope so! I filmed it in the studio, so the background is a lot brighter and prettier. You can see better!

I'm off to clean my car since the weather is so nice. I look a mess today, lounge pants and a baggy tee. Sometimes you need those bum days to recharge. At least that's how I am!

Going to buy special effects make-up next week. Excited!

Love you all! If I find the camera cord I will post pics later today! :)

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