Friday, September 23, 2011

Sugar Skull Edits, Plaza Art Fair, Zombie Shoot Sunday and Pajama Jeans

Hey all!

I'm loving the sugar skull pictures in sepia. I know the colors are great, but I like the vintage feel  the black and white type photos exude.  

Sugar skulls chillin' in the Caddy!

I'm so pumped for the weekend. I have a ton to do but it's very exciting. Saturday Chris and I are celebrating our anniversary at the Plaza Art Fair. It's gotten to be sort of a tradition. I'm going to dress pin-up, and I'd love to buy a bright pink lipstick and some bobby socks to go with my outfit. I will make sure and take lots of pics.

I might swing by the Harvest Fest for Park University. I'm not sure if Chris will want to go, since our past experiences were the dances are kind of lame...but I would love to see my friends who still attend the school.

I have a big zombie shoot Sunday with Heather, who is one of my best clients and also my neighbor, and two of her friends. I feel very ready, lol, since I've been practicing and timing myself. I'm really excited to put up my black backdrop tonight, and really just get everything ready. Saturday I will be gone all day, so I'm getting all my preparation done today and tonight.

I might swing by A to Z Theatrical on Sat. on my way to the depends.

I have to wait until next week to get the ball rolling on my website. I dilly-dallied around, and I was so confused. I have to wait until next week, when I can afford to pay Tim to set everything up for me, haha.

Since I need good security on my site, and Paypal, I would rather have a professional set it up. Sigh.

I want a website so bad, I was super stressed out yesterday. My mom took me out and got me some Pajama Jeans. Man, these things rock! I am wearing them right now, and I never want to take them off.

I love my pajama jeans! I bought them at K-Mart so I didn't get the free T-Shirt, but grey isn't my color anyway! And I didn't have to pay shipping. I know $39.99 ain't cheap, but I'm excited to wear these all winter long, since they are soft and warm.

Well, I'm at the college getting ready to tutor someone, so I've gotta go.

Love you all!

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