Friday, September 30, 2011

Buying a car from shifty scandalous people...getting rejected and hopefully a trip to Retro Vixen

Hey all,

Thank goodness it's Friday. I feel completely drained today, emotionally and physically. We got the Impala yesterday, and I'm so happy we did. However, I knew when I bought it the sellers were very dishonest people. I knew I was taking a big chance. We only got halfway home when we had to pull over. The car was overheated, and the motor mount had come loose, letting all the engine contents shift. The transmission couldn't go into gear. I had only owned the car for forty five minutes, and it was already broke down.

Earlier in the day, I spoke with Danielle, an angel who works at my insurance provider. I'm with Sandy Gamble, who is a Farmer's agent located on 68th Street in the Northland. From the time Sandy has entered my life, car and homeowner insurance has become something I'm happy to pay. She and her workers really help me, treat me well, and get me wonderful rates. I highly recommend them to anyone needing car insurance.

I insured the car before I even bought it. I had the vin, because I wanted to make sure it wasn't stolen. That's how shady the sellers were. Danielle recommended I get tow insurance, and I did, making it effective as of that minute. Little did I know, hours later I would already be using it.

I will admit I cried while we were waiting for the tow truck. I was really feeling sorry for myself, and I was angry with the sellers, because I tried to get them to take $500 less and they wouldn't budge. They were not good people. They were shady and shifty.

Our good friend Matt stayed with us the entire time, and I was really grateful to have his help. Of course Chris was there, and even though he's too manly to cry, I know he felt my pain. After insurance paid $150, we still came out of pocket $125. Not too bad considering we were at mile marker 66 on I-70.

As I said, I'm still happy with my choice to buy the car, but it's going to be a journey fixing it..

I rescued this car. I just wish it was at home with me, and not at the shop :(
I knew I had to wake up early this morning to take Gabe to his International Walk to School Day. He totally rejected me and wouldn't walk with me, kept trying to ditch me and then said I ruined his day by being near him. It totally devastated me. I guess you can't blame kids for not understanding how us parents devote our lives to them. Sigh. I know we have to let go sometime, but it's really hard.

I'm hoping I'll make it to Retro Vixen to get a new dress or something before they close...I need retail therapy, lol!

Love you all, have a great Friday!

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  1. I'm so sorry you've had a rough couple of days Tiffany!!! Shame on those people who sold you the car!