Thursday, September 15, 2011

Zombie Test Run, 2 new Youtube videos, closet overhaul and a new zombie look!

Hey there everyone!

I stayed up till the wee hours of the morning working on photos I took of Stevie Tuesday night. I love them! I learned a lot, and I'm excited to turn myself into a zombie today.

Hey there zombie sailor! Took this photo at the Briarcliff Nature Sanctuary, a place I've been frequenting since I was in grade school! It can be really creepy, so I thought it was a great spot. We ran into some exercise walkers and dog walkers, but they seemed to think we were funny and not creepy, so it's all good! :)

I learned so much from this test run. For example, where is the blood? Lol. Bought some yesterday. Also got some more black makeup. Don't worry, by the time paid shoots start, I will be an old pro! Stevie wanted her lips to stay pale. I wanted to do some red lipstick but she wasn't having it. She also didn't want a green tint to her skin. I'm going to try the green tint today, so we'll see if we like it! But man, HER HAIR LOOKS GREAT! Patting myself on the back :) hehe

I made a vid on how to cut your own Bettie Bangs. I recommend taking the plunge. They are fun, and now that the weather is turning chilly, there is no need to worry about sweaty foreheads!

Here is the link:

I also made a video kind of documenting the process of making Stevie a zombie. Here it is:

I was going to go thrift store shopping today, but then I thought about my closets. Both of them are full to the brim of dresses, shirts and skirts. I'm going to do a closet haul, and see if I can't find stuff for my clients there. We all know how hard and time consuming thrift store and antique shopping can be, and I want to do zombie makeup first. So I will be a closet cleaning zombie :)

Love you all, and have a great day!

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