Thursday, September 22, 2011

Web frustrations!

Hey everyone!

Sometimes it's tough being from the last generation not born with a keyboard and Ipod in their hands. I've been trying to figure out who to buy my domain from, and it's a process. I also need to use a site I can get into  and navigate without too much trouble.

They all want to tell you it's only two or three dollars a month, but really you have to pay for the entire year/two years up front. What if you hate using their site? Ugh. I need a website bad, so my customers have a place to go to find prices, galleries, etc...without having to look around.

I know my domain I want is open at this current time.


I'll update later today on the process after I talk with my friend Tim again...And I might ask my pal Faith for advice.

Love you all!

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