Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vintage Vamp Studios featured on Pin-up Post, all I need is a camera and a dream!

Hey all,

Funny thing is, the cat is actually biting her...but don't worry, she's family so she won't sue, lol :)

I am so excited to announce one of my models was featured on Pin-Up Post today. It's the model in the photo above, but a different pic.

Here's the link to the website:

Here's the link straight to Stevie, in case you don't make it there today:

I am so crazy proud. I sent the photo in a while back, so I was afraid maybe it wasn't sexy enough for the site, or she just didn't like it. But I guess I just had to wait my turn, lol. This makes me feel wonderful, words can't describe how happy I am.

The truth is, when you are just starting out, and I'm sure this is true of any business, you feel like there are all these things you NEED right away. You NEED a ton of clients, you NEED a ton of expensive editing programs, you NEED to have a full studio and every prop or product known to man. But as you move along, you realize you can make do just fine with what you have. Getting established doesn't happen overnight.

When I took this beautiful picture of Courtney I had nothing but a camera and ideas. I didn't have a studio yet, just my vintage house. Heck, Vintage Vamp Studios didn't even have a name! I had no idea I was heading down a path that would make me insanely happy. So thank you Courtney, who does happen to be a friend also, for your confidence in me, and willingness to pay me for photos, make-up, hair, etc. I'll never forget it!

I've come to the point where I'm really just enjoying my journey. I go antiquing on the weekends to find vintage clothing and items for the studio. I attend car shows and meet lots of people (of course taking their picture if they say yes, lol).

Do I see a Mexicali shoot in the near future? Yes I do, Mr. Sombrero! Saw this at the Brass Armadillo, granddaddy antique store.

Even before I checked my email and found out my photography was featured, I totally had an epiphany earlier today. It happened as I was putting on my socks to work out (random, I know). I was thinking about my first photo class and the presentations we all gave. This was a class of 30, so I learned quite a bit about different photographers. I chose David LaChapelle, because I love the way he constructs a photograph. There's always so much going on. Anyways, I remembered that many photographers only had point and shoot cameras, and film to work with. And their end result was beautiful. Awe-inspiring.

I know, David LaChapelle has a ton of money to make things happen at his shoots. But he's also got something money can't buy, the ideas and will to make them come to fruition. He really pays attention to who his clients are. He figures out what will work for them, and for him. This is definitely one of my favorites! 

I came to the realization you don't need a bunch of crap to be great. If you love what you do, and you keep trying to make your clients as happy and comfortable as possible, things will always be great and just keep getting better. Then, you will end up having all the things you thought you NEEDed anyways, lol.


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