Friday, September 9, 2011

Zombie pin-up dates, Halloween, Autumn pin-up, Glamazon shoots, continuing my $100 special for kitchen, vintage house shoots, and Riverside Red-X car cruise

Hey all,

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday. I know I am very excited to attend the Riverside Red-X Car Cruise tonight from 5-8. I don't know if we can get there right at 5, since Chris usually gets off work at that time, but we will definitely be there!

We love our Caddy! Can't wait to take it to Riverside tonight :)

It's a great place to bring kids, and they have cheap hot dogs, hamburgers and soda pop. When the weather is lovely like this, it just adds to the fun. The last time we went there were not a ton of cars, so the more people we can get to show up, the better it will end up being! It's good to support these local events I think, so they will keep having them! :)

I know everyone has been waiting patiently for dates on Zombie Pin-up! Here they are:

Zombie Pin-Up
Sunday Sept. 25th
10:00 a.m.
Saturday Oct. 1st
10:00 a.m.

Rain day/alternate day Saturday Oct. 15 
10:00 a.m.

These shoots will take every bit of 4 or 5 hours.

Zombie Pin-up Shoots will run a little differently than normal shoots.
There will only be one outfit.
We will travel to the site as a group.
3 girls per shoot. If you want to book with your friends, and you need a special date, I can book separate from these dates or we can use the alternate day.
If these dates sell out immediately, we will try to accommodate and schedule more shoots.
We will take individual shots, as well as group shots.
Girls will arrive, get make-up done and then go into wardrobe.
Individual costs:
$85.00 a person 
Zombie Make-up/Pin-up make-up
Pin-up Hairstyle and Hair Accessories
Some wardrobe choices…we will discuss specifics after you book.
Props and transportation to site provided
5 edited photos per individual
3 group photos 
8 edited photos total!

$10.00 for a disc of all photos from the shoot, if you don’t want to pay for the disc, I will email you your edited photos.
I’m also going to offer 8”10 prints for 10 dollars a sheet (They will be high quality paper and ink prints)
If you want more edits, we're talking $20 a photo. They take me a few hours to edit, so that's a big steal!

FYI: If you want to book a couple shoot as zombies, I am down. But we will need to schedule it soon. I'm not going to include guys in the girl group shoots, because that could end up awkward (unless you are all friends and everyone is okay with it). If you want a couples shoot as vampires, Frankenstein and wife, etc...I am down. But you need to contact me so we can brainstorm a firm date. And to discuss specifics.

The bottom line is I love Halloween. I am willing to do pretty much any Halloween type shoot we can think up together. The price will depend on what all is involved, but don't sweat it, it won't be too sky high.

Autumn Pin-up
October 22, 23
10:00am, both days
Depending on demand,  more dates may be added later.
These will be individual shoots.
4 hour shoot.
1 outfit
Hair, Make-up
Transportation to location of our choice
10 edited photos

My entire life I have been fascinated by the changing colors of fall leaves. They are so beautiful, and make the perfect photo op. You will cherish these photos for life, I guarantee.

$10.00 for the disc of all photos, and prints will be available for purchase.

Glamazon Shoot:
For those lacking the moo-lah for a full shoot, but wanting to treat themselves.
Hair and make-up (doesn't have to be pin-up)
5 edited photos

For this shoot you need to wear an outfit of your own that you love. You can also bring a jacket if you like. (For those throwback 80's/90's glam shots, lol)

Disc of all photos available for purchase for $10. Prints available for purchase.

My current special for my kitchen studio/ vintage home shoots will continue for those who book before Friday, Sept. 16. 
3 outfit changes
2 make-up looks 
15 edited photos

These are only head shots! You can have gorgeous photos like this for $50!!!

Discs with copies of the entire shoot are $10. Prints available for purchase.

Christmas Packages coming soon!

Love you all!

Email me to book or for any questions you might have:

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