Monday, September 5, 2011

Greaserama day two: Awesome weather, lots of time with camera

Hey all,

Greaserama on day two was a blast. I didn't wear hardly any make-up, and stuck to a vintage firefighter jumpsuit and old vans. I did my hair in kitten ears. It looked goofy as heck, but I was having fun. The mild weather was fantastic. I wandered around taking pictures and meeting lots of random people. It was fun, and everyone seemed to be having a great time. People never get as drunk on Sunday, so the environment is more comfortable to me. Sometimes crowds full of loud drunks freak me out.

They had some guys who I thought were jerks working at Greaserama this year. I know it must have been stressful, but I don't know why some of them acted the way they did. Just saying. It's my opinion they kept out a lot of cool cars with their new rules. I was a little disappointed in the turn-out. There were lots of empty spots in the back, where cool pre-1972 cars could have been. We got in by special approval from one of the administrative members. I really appreciated it. But still the second day at the gate this guy tried to not let us in and was a real jerk to us. Oh well, we didn't let it spoil our time. Overall, everything went really well.

I bought the cutest necklace from Squirrel Design Company. I will post pics later. So cool. My son didn't want to go to the show, so I missed him really badly this weekend. We are all going fishing and spending some quality time today, but I promise tomorrow I will post a more in-depth blog, with pictures of all the cute pin-ups I met!

Me with the '61 Caddy they bagged during the show. I think it's really neat how they always do something to one of their cars. Overall I think Greaserama is great, I just wish they let in more cars.

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